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Poem 72 Hours

Oh I've been up for long,
thinking up,
thinking up a song.

I go out for a ride,
with bloodshot eyes,
they all interpret it wrong.

I've been up for 72,
feelin good,
and I've got things to do

I take my ride,
looking for buildings,
my rear view mirror,
says cocaine eyes.

Don't you assume,
for I'm clean,
and I've been up for 72.

Poem description:

This is a song/poem about getting red bloodshot eyes for staying up for long hours. Many people misinterpret red bloodshot eyes as cocaine evidence, dope evidence, or alcohol and cigarette abuse.

Some young blooded and energetic people have the power to stay up for 72 hours without blowing smack - and those that do are immediately judged by the public as drug users. As I was driving around my car one night it was about 50 or 60 hours that I'd been up - I looked in my rear view mirror and saw cocaine eyes. I'd never done cocaine or pot and I immediately felt worried about the public would think when I landed at the next building I was off to.

It's not healthy to stay up for 50 or 70 hours, but it is healthier than doing cocaine - and it can give you creative half asleep powers that aren't available when you are wide awake on cocaine or caffeine.

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