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Piss Poor Offshore Outsourced Customer Service

Phoning up Netgear regarding a broken router within the warranty period is not worth the time. Netgear has out-sourced their customer service to some dingbats who can barely speak English, who also try and talk the customer into buying a new router - even if the current router owned is three times as fast as one would ever need for an internet connection.

They also seem to want so badly to register your product - even though the product is broken. Why would I register a product that I'm calling about which is broken?

What fucking good is registering my product if I'm just going to have to buy another shitty product from netgear and register it again during its failure? I suppose the process will be repeated after another third and fourth purchase is made, until I drive down to the offshore country across the ocean in my float boat and kick their asses.

Why would I buy a new router from a company who shitted me the first time and shafted me up the ass?

The dingbat in some offshore country also took me through a nice useless help procedure which I could barely understand since his English was so poor.

We're not being racist here, Netgear Customer Service - if you don't know how to communicate in English you shouldn't have a job in a field where you help English people with their hardware problems.

As for companies outsourcing their help call system to other countries - good luck - I will not buy another product from Netgear. You've lost a customer, and a couple other hundred who pass by this page. I'm sure outsourcing your help line to another country did not improve your bottom line in the end.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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