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Pessimistic Optimism

Accepting and being comfortable with pessimism
is paradoxically or ironically a healthy form of
optimism about pessimism.
Being comfortable and accepting pessimism is being optimistic about pessimism. Why? Because being comfortable with pessimism and practicing pessimism is being optimistic that pessimism will help in some way. You can't accept or be comfortable about pessimism until you hope or know that pessimism will be helpful to you. Accepting or practicing pessimism is an optimistic thought or action. The actual pessimism is not optimistic - but the act of accepting or agreeing to use pessimism is being optimistic about pessimism.

Have I twisted your mind yet?

A pure pessimist would assume pessimism is wrong and bad. Assuming pessimism is bad is being pessimistic about pessimism. But a pure pessimist cannot exist otherwise he wouldn't be able to believe in or practice pessimism in the first place, since he would be so pessimistic about pessimism that he wouldn't use pessimism.

Half Full or Half Empty

The glass is not just half full and not just half empty - it contains half liquid and half air. Therefore it is both half full and half empty if one considers air emptiness.

The glass is technically one hundred percent full of two substances - liquid and air, minus any vacuums inside the molecular/atomic/ionic regions, ,if there are even vacuums there (i.e. near protons or such). That is if one even considers a vacuum emptiness.

If the glass contained pink and blue fluid (half and half on top of each other) any sane person would say that the glass contains both pink and blue fluid - not just blue or pink alone. So let air be the blue and liquid be the pink and you'll see the problem. Problem? This page is about pessimism and optimism. Is it a PROBLEM now that the glass is full? Who said this was a good thing? Could cause your liver to fail if you drink too many full glasses blah blah blah.

Explaining this to someone at a bar may cause a swollen jaw, which is why I don't visit bars.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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