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Pascal Rant Area

Some random rants and complaints:

-no one ever used WebSnap or WebBroker for serious live websites. There were some pretty nice hello worlds out there. They just didn't work. No sense cloning those projects, that would be wasted effort.

-Lazarus is bloatware. They don't and never will understand components and plugins - they only understand their silly "compile everything in to one gigantic massive hard to debug exe".

-Lazarus uses Synedit, but their own custom version of synedit. Why not merge with the REAL Synedit project instead of doing double effort? Stop doing the same code twice! Even MH, one of the developers, came on the Lazarus mailing list and suggested this once! Nothing happened!

-we have Kylix which is now dead for the time being, in the Borland classic section. Not that I ever used Kylix. But it means less Unix penetration.

-we have all sorts of people using .NET (dotnet) such as even the delphi Indy/Intraweb founder. The intraweb/Indy founder now works at Microsoft. Update: it looks like he quit microsoft and is back working with Delphi now.. yay!

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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