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Pascal Based Database

Discussing some Pascal based databases...(Relational Database Management System : RDBMS)

The below databases are some examples, but how about some larger open source ones? A possible Pascal project candidate?


Now known as Pervasive PSQL


The database engine that controls all the data sets associated with SCOOPS is called TopspeedŽ. It is an fast, well organized and well behaved database engine. It is very similar to BtreiveŽ in that keys and indexes are part of the data table and not maintained separately. This is a cost savings to you as no SQL or BtreiveŽ licenses must be purchased separately.


The turbo database engine - tdbengine is a small but powerful RDBMS written in PASCAL. It runs on Linux as well as on Windows machines.

The tdbengine is distributed as freeware and its source code is available for download, too. The current Version is 6.2.9. Apart from many GNU - projects the tdbengine is written in Pascal. It is compilable with FreePascal without any additional libraries or packages. For those looking forward upcoming features the beta version might be interesting. See also TDBEngine paswiki page


ioda is a fulltext database written in Pascal. It is a word indexing and retrieving engine: It stores unique words from a file or database source in a btree and their repeaters in an flexible and highly space optimized list structure. Each stored word "knews" its source, position in the source and some (optional) info bytes. The recent release 1.1 supports ISO and UTF-8 charset and has a new PHP-interface to its library.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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