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Info on this site dates back to 2004 and may be outdated.

   What is Off topic on PasWiki

Sarcastic Optimism
  What Is Sarcastic Optimism

Health, Conspiracy
  Aspartame vs Stevia

  The He She Woman Man Problem Solved
  Creating vs Calling Out Sexism
  Thoughts On Social Construction of Gender

How To Win
  Kill Their Time While I Work

  Alcohol as a Fuel Source

  Communication Taper Theory
  Bad Experience Tuition Transfer Theory
  Take Give Ratio
  I Get What I Research: Not What I Pay For
  Over-analysis of All Musicians and Writers
  Persons FUBAR Can Be Influenced
  Ignorance The Cure For ADD
  Unconscious Stress: Find and Remove It
  Believing Your Own BullShit
  The Danger of Prioritizing Littles
  Beware of Naysayers
  Wanted: Ignorant Manager
  Do Not Support Patents They Are Great

Critical Thinkers
  There Are Ranters or There Are Ranters
  Thought Leaders

  Cooked Human Meat Is Good

  Problems With Society
  Capitalism - Please Profit on My Stupidity
  Pay a Friend and Charge a Family Member
  Capitalism - Charge a Friend Lose a Friend
  Capitalism - When To Draw the Line
  Closed Source Knowledge
  Closed Source Consulting
  There is more than LeftWing RightWing
  Communism - People Are Not Equal
  Insight Activism
  Soda And Partial Intelligence
  The Oreo Cookie Story
  Society vs Programmer
  Michael Moore Is A Liar
  Thoughts On Sigmund Freud

Creative Works, Poetry
  Eff Words
  Paralyzed Her Lover
  Sensual Mixup
  Fail Then Try
  Into Your Veins
  Wo vs Man
  I Am Caught
  Female Repellent
  The Piano
  Lead and Stone
  Think Walking
  Laziness Cured Laziness
  72 Hours
  Prefix Function Names With Lover
  Server Love
  Server Life
  I Am The Movie

Pessimistic Truths
  If You Were Efficient
  Pessimistic Optimism

Rough Copy and Final Copy
  over 900 in couple of years

  Agnostic versus Atheist

  Why The Cee Language Was Ugly

  The Divorce Algorithm

E.W. Dijkstra
  Sometimes We Discover Unpleasant Truths
  EWD Comments On Basic
  EWD Comments On Pascal
  EWD Wrote Over 1300 Publications

Computer Gone Missing
  Help I Cannot Ctrl F For Oats

Open Source Realities, Freedom
  Free Sweat Labor
  I Agree With Ian Darwin
  Demand Tim Oreilly To Open Source Books
  Bizgres and VirtualBox Restrict Freedom
  How To Restrict GNU Source Code
  Richard Stallman Charges Money For Speech
  Projects Restrict Binaries but Offer Sources
  Open Source Service Scared Him
  Open Source Paperbacks Scared Author
  Open Source University Scared Professor
  GNG Is Not GNU is Not GNG Is Not GNG

More People
  I like Leonardo Rame

Fun at SteveTrefethen.com
  The FPC Team Makes a Big Bad Move

Unix Online Terrorism
  Package Systems Spread a Virus

Windows Tips
  PATH Changes Require App Restart

  Improve or Ditch The Rude Exceptions

Objects And Pointers
  Returning Pointer or Object As Function Result

  Why Tools Like PasDoc Suck

  Are There Ansistrings in Quiche

Social Problems In Modern Pascal Community
  Always Flame People Who Are Out To Help
  Clueless Nationalism For FPC

  Old Borland Employee Spreads FUD About FPC

  Worn All Paint Off My Keys and Crying

  Free and Create Encourages Dangerous Programming

Programming Issues
  Quirks and Qworks In Programming Languages

  Must Weed Out All the Wimpy Programmers
  DLL hell or PPU hell
  Why Case Sensitivity Sucks Hairy Bottom

Naming Convention Religion
  Underscores Discussion

Hacking: Methods bind to Regular Procedures
  Procedure vs Procedure Of Object Hack
  Regular Procedure Bound To Class Method
  Procedure Bound To Method Without RTTI Hack

Problems At Borland/Codegear
   Some Do Not Even Write Code

   An Aquired Taste For Olive Oil

  Symbol of Love
  The Scariest Summer Of My Life

  Ignore Your Ethics: JUST DO IT
  Spiritual Man Has Head Chopped Off

Modern Pascal Complaints
  Pascal is Too Verbose
  Case Statements Great But Could Be Excellent

Lisp Weenies?
   Lisp Is Powerful But So Is A Parse Procedure

Clueless Mentally Challenged Database Engineers
  DatabaseJournal Full Of Shit
  Where The Hell Is The Connect Call

Programming Using Contracts?
  Suggestion: Error Contracts

Fast Data Structures With Capacitance

  Parameterized Queries in MySQL

Ruby Moaning and Complaining
  ActiveRecord a Toy For Children
  Ruby Fanboyism The Worst Attitude Ever
  ActiveRecord Plural Table Names
  By Reference By Value Solved With Regex
  Ruby to Modern Pascal Cheatsheet
  Paramstr vs Ruby ARGV
  Units vs Ruby Modules
  Is Ruby 457 Ways To Do The Same Thing

  Programmer Pushup Break
  I Beat The Morfik Chess AI Engine
  We Practice Craving Magick Not Sex Magick
  Do All Democratic Nations Have Tyranny
  Sound Inhibits Pain
  Success: Apple Releases Fast Browser

Random Programming Notes
  Var versus Out Parameters
  Life Loops and Goto Statements
  Does CrossFPC Help Us
  Assignment Operator Religous Wars
  Recursion versus Iterative Loops
  Is Inheritance The New GOTO Statement
  Why C Is Not My Favorite Programming Language

  large 8 space indentation looks stupid
  Too Lazy To Tie His Shoes

  CompactUtils and CompactSysutils
  Try Finally Is a GOTO That Is Too Limited
  Object Relational Mapping Is Double Dipping
  Work Must Be Done At Home
  Lars Impressed With MINUX Sources
  Limbo Looks Like Pascal and Modula


  Parsing has been described through cryptic code and data structures but is rarely 
  described in words (English). 

  The Art Of Parsing
  Parsing: backbuffers

  Java Founder Comments On Pascal
  UCSD Pascal Too Good For IBM and Bill G

Future Technology
  Micro Mosquito Warfare Robots

  Success Through Focused Ignorance
  Slave Oriented Programming: Make a Fucking Directory Now
  Google Gmail Is Reinventing Desktop Software
  Elite Pascal Programmer Myths
  Verbosity and Strains In Programming Languages
  Unit Testing Is Common Sense
  Private Algorithm Welded Into Object
  Rob Pike And Paul Krzyzanowski
  Sex Oriented Programming
  Ruby Is a Hybrid and Not Pure Object Oriented
  Thoughts on Moores Law
  CPanel Forward Spam To :fail:
  Defending not Racism not Sexism but Culturism
  Regex vs Maintainability Graph

Purpose of Life
  Work For Work For The Sake Of Work

  The Secrets To Coke
  The Secrets To Cream Soda

Acts of Pargence
  Purify Wine
  Purify Sugar
  Purify Cola

  dbdebunk.com Fabian Pascal
  MySQL Optimization

Programming Laws and Philosophies

Sockets Programming
   FPC Sockets Connect To HTTP Server
   FPC Sockets Connect To SendMail

Smarter Strings
  Capstring Is A String That Grows In Chunks

Diet Drinks
  Okay To Sniff Glue Daily

General Critique
   Shit Hits the CPU Fan
   Default Fonts On Linux Turn People Off
   Skanks on Nexopia and Myspace Represent Humanity
   Delphi Developers Create Unmaintainable Projects
   Stop Building Linux or BSD Router Boxes
   Are Package Systems Costing Us Billions
   RAD Is Okay But Not Required
   Darwin Theory Proven Wrong
   Application Lifecycle Management Puzzle Solved
   Everyone and Their Dog Has A Blog
   Microsoft Admits Object Orientation Is Not Good
   Donation Based is Just Disorganized Business
   Please Stop Using GNU Licenses

Harsh Critical Comments on Other Software Dudes
   Eric Sink Oreo Cookie Thoughts
   Eric Sink Persistence and Failure Thoughts
   Dear Paul Where is The Lisp Web Framework
   Finalization of Eric Raymond
   Jerks Never Comment Source and Go For Money
   Comments on Paul Graham Articles

Error Message
  Website Will Be Shut Down Permanently

PasWiki Syntax:
   PasWiki Syntax Ideas

PHP Related:
  Migrating PHP Code to Powerful Web Utilities

Unix related
  The Readme Virus

Upcoming Changes
  This Is a Binder Not a Wiki

  Is Blue The Next Color Scheme of PasWiki

Back To Basics
  If Size Does Not Matter Neither Does Speed
  Get It Done First By Skipping Objects
  What Brought Me To Pascal 
  We See No Advantage in C Sharp Syntax
  Stop The System Console Write Line Insanity

Natural Foods
  Naked Girls Seen In Natural Food Store

Power and Electricity
   Smart Efficient Power Idea Pastebin
   Heaters and Registers
   City Power From Your Lawn And Home

Modern Pascal:

  Pascal is An Unrecognized Underdog

 Advanced Hacking
   Process Explorer Tips - procexp
   Export Function From Elf
   Makefiles are Actually Programs in Disguise
   Writable Constants Are Useful
   Rare Case Dynamic Typing in Pascal
   Lexical Closures In Modern Pascal
   Emulate Dynamic Typing With Untyped Pointers
   Arrays of Procedures and Functions
   Powerful Piping
   Form Creation Tips
   Export Functions from Executables
   Launching a Function When Declared as Type
   Const vs Var Function Parameters  
   Machine Gun Editing
   FPC Make and Cycle Tips
   Library Naming Tips For Cross Platform
   Sharing Memory Via DLL
   Redirecting STDOUT To Text File

   Can One Use Int64 on a 32Bit CPU
   CASE of STRING Ability
   While vs Repeat Differences
   Extended Shortstring Larger Than 255 Elements
   MOD And DIV operators
   Problem with Software Designed around Forms
   StringList Tips
   Pascal Integers And Numbers And Etc
   Pascal Rant Area
   Objects vs Classes
   C++ Had Ugly Templates - So Did Pascal
   Parameters: Const Var and Pointers

  Records, Records, Records!
   Records Are Under Used
   Using Initialized Records

  FPC Text Mode IDE
    FP-IDE Tips

  Snippets (useful code)
   Looping Through The Alphabet

  Misc Projects
   VK_LETTER Project
  Cross Compiling
   Compiling Linux Elf on Windows

  Internet Development..
   Rapid Web Development Not in C
   PHP vs Powtils Syntax
   PHP vs Powtils Object Orientation 
   Python vs PascalScript

   FPC Compiler Troubleshooting
   FPC Compiler Macros
   FPC Build Tips
   Source Comment Syntax Problems
   Managing Different Target Operating Systems

  FakeLinux for MS Windows
   FakeLinux ScreenShots
   FakeLinux Creation Notes
   FakeLinux FAQ

   Delphi Examples
   Windows API Reference for Delphi 
   Colin Wilson Components Ported to Delphi 5
   Capture Delphi Form OnMove Event
   Maximize Any Delphi Component With Handle

   Synapse Examples

  Regular Expressions...
   Regex Examples
   The Wrong Way to Talk Regex
   TRegExpr Considered Harmful

  Delphi Win32 API reference
   Delphi Win32 API Wiki

  Dynamic Link Libraries and Shared Object Libraries
   Passing PChars in Libraries
   Qomp Programming Language
   When To Use Records Vs Classes
  KOL Key Objects Library
   KOL and MCK Bugs
   KOL for Delphi
   KOL for Freepascal
   StuffString for KOL
   KOL: Changing The Project Icon
   Synedit: Get Current Token Kind

  Old Language History
   C Strings vs Pascal Strings
   General Goals of Pascal
  Editor Fonts
   Compact Readable Fonts

  Neat Code  
   Z505 Coding Standard
  Joel On Software Pascal Related
   .Net vs Pascal Praise
  Pascal Based Things
   Pascal Based Database
   Pascal Based Web Server
   Pascal Based Applications
   Pascal Based Games  
   Pascal Based Email Clients

   Windows API Spy

  SVN Hosting Services

Documentation Topics
   FPDOC Command Line Usage

   Debian Linux
   CVS and SVN Version Control Systems 
   Opera Browser
   Line Feed Converter: LFC505

   Gnu Linux Tips
   SendMessage PostMessage for Linux and Unix
   Why Locate is So Fast
   Where Linux Needs to Get a Clue
   Telnet Tips And Tricks
   Debian apt-get tips

   htaccess guide

   Open Source Music
   MP3 Format is Not Free: Patent Royalty

Temporary Paste Area
   FPC Read_Exports 

   Burning Lungs
   Self Pollinating Vegetables
   QuackWatch Warning
   Protein Content in Juice
   Water Can Dry You Out
   Is All Homeopathy Fraud
   How To Enjoy Spinach And Other Green Leaves
   Expired Supplements and Vitamins and Minerals
   Lose Weight Bullshit And Gain Weight Bullshit

Circuits and Electronics
   Get a Good Soldering Iron Tip
   Reading Ceramic Capacitors

Accounting and Tax
   Claiming a Net Operating Gain
   Claiming a Net Operating Loss
   Corporation vs Sole Proprietor

Maintenance and Repair
   Bicycle Repair Tips
   Kitchen Mixer Repair Tips
   Stereo Repair Tips

Software Licenses

Misc. & Other:
   Sick of JavaJarkitechture?
   Sick of Visual Basic Language?
   Found these ZenHacker Articles abrupt, and interesting
   Google Founder Caught Illegally Picking Locks
   Open Source Not Viable if
   Intelligence in All the Wrong Places
   Multiple vs Single Domains
   Boycott SCO
   Never sell to a friend
   Borland Please Stop Using Buzzwords

Open Source Controversy
  IBM And Linux Is A Scam

General Discussion:
   How Microsoft Forces You to Buy Windows XP
   Why Size Matters
   PasWiki Syntax
   Component Based Browser
   What Is CGI
   Xml vs Embedded Database
   Fast Typing vs Typing Annoyances
   When to Optimize Code
   Google can answer all Jeopardy-like Questions
   Apple CEO Dropped Out and Dropped In
   Respond to a Flame with Code
   Breath Into A Paper Bag 
   URL Parameters vs Command Line Parameters
   GTK Sucks
   Real Programmers
   BloatWare Hall of Shame
   Smart Answers
   The Stupidity of Files Without Extensions
   The Stupidity of One Letter Programming Languages
   No More Floppy or CD-ROM drives
   SAE vs Metric___Bytes vs What
   Website GZIP Compression Test
   FTP Tricks
Web hosting
   Hosts That Support Powtils CGI
   DNS Services

Programming General
   Poor Java Apps Make JavaScript Apps Look Fast
   Agree Strongly With These Folks About C and C++
   Weak and Dynamic Typing Issues 
   Stop The Multiple Language Insanity
   SourceForge Problem
   Case Sensitivity is Annoying  
   Everything is a Wrapper
   C vs Pascal
   Why Ansi C Underscore Does Not Work
   Session vs Cookie
   Weak vs Strong vs Static vs Dynamic Typing
   Microsoft DotNet Failures
   C Sharp Promotes Pascal Not C
   Why C++ Builder Never Took Over Delphi
   Ansi C Coding Standards Are Severely Flawed
   PHP Coding Standards Are Severely Flawed
   PHP Author Admits To Obfuscation In Manual
   Pascal Less Verbose Than C
   The Danger Of Refactoring
   Pascal Programmers Laughing At Perl6
   PHP Bondage And Discipline
   Procedural Programming vs Syntax Programming
   Examples Of Strong Typing Advantages
   If Microsoft Gives Visual C Compilers Away

Data Discussion
   Urgent:  Address the Ludicrous Data Problem Now
   Object Orientation and Databases Mixing or Not

Programmers Unite
   Army Of Programmers in a Building

   Ease of Use vs Security

Adult Content (18 and over)
  What The Fuck Is This C Shit
  Piss Poor Offshore Outsourced Customer Service
  The Right To Have Sex With Knives
  Alberta the Filthy Whore

  12 Point Tool

Skating, Sticks, and Shooting
  The Slap Shot
  The Wrist Shot

Weight Lifting
  Body Building and Power Lifting Myths

  Running More Than 800M

Source Control Revision Systems
  SVN Is Not The Holy Grail

  Quiet Down Fan Noise

  Invest Depressed

Virus Removal
  Virus Removal Tools

Not as Simple as
  ...Leaving CodeGear for FooDelphi
  The Possible Transfer Is Impossible

Cee Language Bashing
  They C Programmers Finally Got A Clue

FPC Operating Systems
  FPC OS List

Programmer Stupidity
  It Requires 3300MHZ For Back Button


Unix Design
  Unix Treats Users Like Pascal
  Why REBOOT and not RBT
  Keyboard Longcuts And Split Ends

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