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Old Borland Employee Spreads FUD About FPC

Complete FUD and Lies spread about FPC.

Below are some screenshots in case the FUD is deleted in the future.

I hate to say this but Steve Trefethen has absolutely no idea what he is talking about and his comments are extremely naive and newbie. In addition, he is spreading FUD. He doesn't understand the freepascal architecture and design desicisions because he has never done cross platform work. And when I say cross platform I mean not just linux and windows. I mean bsd, linux, winCE, win32, win64, Os/2, i386, Arm, dos, etc.

The files are 'carved up' using include files for multi processor and multi operating system support. If he had done his homework he would have found plenty of information why the freepascal include files are designed the way they are. For people with zero cross platform experience (read newbies) this is the first thing that they moan about when they come to freepascal. Then, when they get a clue, they realize that the freepascal project wouldn't be possible to maintain without these cross platform include files.

Delphi supports one platform and one CPU, and even if it supports Linux it is fairly easy to not use include files.. but you try IFDEF'ing 6 different processors and 20 different operating systems and your code will quickly look like absolute crap.. worse crap than include files.

The 'carving up' as he calls it has nothing to do with hiding or obfuscating. He makes himself look like a donkey online by saying such things. Some newbie advice for people who don't understand include file architecture in FPC: go to google.com and look up "inlclude files freepascal". Try the mailing list archives there are some conversations about it with some other fools that have the same newbie problem and lack of experience:


By the way, I'm not one of the freepascal team. And I'm sorry if my post is harsh and direct, but if you are going to rudely attack a community of developers with false information, then expect to be attacked back with factual information.

If you can't understand the freepascal sources and the include file design within it, then you should not be a programmer - you should quit and become an html designer or similar.

I have made my own derivative compiler using the FPC sources and they are very well thought out - none of it is obscure. Anyone who thinks so is a pure newbie that needs to use google instead of kicking brown dirt up like a donkey. How much they paid him to spread this FUD is beyond me.

I'll forgive him if he apologizes and starts using FPC like a real man.

I'd like to discuss something else about his website:

"Personally, I've always liked Microsoft and I have a huge amount of respect for the company and even more so for its people."
--Steve Trefethen

However I won't. Because maybe even I'll get a job at MS some day when I'm crawling for coins on the floor. Ha.

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