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Never sell to a friend

Depressing comments on selling.
Selling to a friend creates an uncomfortable situation. Friends shouldn't involve exchange of currency, and a friend never charges you a dime for a conversation or an apple.
From this we can equate that there are not many friends in the world. Or the ones that have friends, surely evolve into short term relationships.
Keeping selling separate from friendship is one method of practice. This may seem like a solution, but it's ludicrous. If you can't sell to a friend, then what good is selling in a capital centric world? "Don't sell a used car to a friend". If capital is the focus of our world, and friendships do not involve capital, what does that tell you? Let me spell it out - there aren't good friendships in a capital focused world.
The entire world is based and circled around selling. Selling is supposedly success.
What to do about the problem? I'm sure you know the answer.
The more selling, the less friendship. It's just a matter of time before selling gets in the way of friendship. Don't be embarrassed to know this. Just tell your friends. If you still have any left over.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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