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Lose Weight Bullshit And Gain Weight Bullshit

Peanuts - make you gain weight because they have fat and salt in them.

Peanuts - make you lose weight because they make you feel full fast without adding too many calories.

Water - drink lots of it if trying to gain weight.

Water - drink lots of it if trying to lose weight.

Whey powder - eat high quality protein to gain weight

Whey powder - eat high quality protein to lose pounds of weight.

Eating more meals during the day will allow you to gain weight because you can eat more in the day and increase the flow of food through the body throughout the day.

Eating more meals during the day will allow you to lose more weight because your body will burn off the smaller meals, whereas larger meals will sit in the body for longer and turn into fat.

Contradicting bull shit.

One article says that losing weight requires drinking lots of water. Another article says that gaining weight requires drinking lots of water. Hmm something fishy going on here. The answer is that it is all bull shit

I do have some input on what is really going on here. I have studied and theorized that genetics and the hormones our bodies hold are the most dominant and most deciding factors that control your weight. Exercise and diet play a small role in weight loss and weight gain. The only significant losses and gains from diet and exersize that ever occur are from extremely drastic changes in the diet. Eating food until one feels disgustingly sick, day after day - will for example cause a slim person to gain small amounts of weight. Yes, small amounts.

One reason people are under the impression that diet and exercise actually help weight loss and weight gain significantly, is their own personal "success stories" or personal results. This is most always a placebo effect - what happens is that after several years of waiting and trying new diets and exercises, the human undergoes a hormonal cycle. For example as we get older, we lose more weight at a certain age. At some points we gain more weight (i.e. in our thirties and forties).

So if someone in their thirties and forties keeps trying and trying year after year to lose weight, eventually they will lose weight due to their genetics and hormonal changes. They get the impression that their diet and exercise must have caused the weight loss and that finally they have found the perfect diet - when in fact all they are experiencing is genetic and hormonal changes.

I have a friend who had done no weight lifting in his life and when he went through his growing spurt in his teens, he could bench press over 300 pounds - without doing any training whatsoever. The most dominant effect on the amount of weight he could lift was the genetic and hormonal changes he received through his growth spurt - not his diet nor his training.

It is extremely obvious that diet and exercise have very little effect on weight gain or loss, relative to genetics, hormones, or other cycles such as possibly DNA related or organ related changes.

But - some people do gain weight, at any age, if they try. Very few.

Powerlifters, are an exception. These guys can gain weight.

Body builders - they take steroids.

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