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Limbo Looks Like Pascal and Modula

A programming language developed by Rob Pike and friends.. looks an awful lot like Modula..


It looks like C programmers actually got a clue.

See also this:


It is amazing these products exist and no one knows about them.. it is amazing what marketing can(not) do?

Well I'm guessing only 5 people know about PasWiki, probably more than the amount of people who know about Limbo and Inferno.

"Inferno applications are written in Limbo, a simple, modular, C-like language which (unlike some object-oriented languages) is exceptionally easy to read and understand. Limbo has advanced built-in facilities for string handling, list manipulation and interprocess communication and synchronization."

Good Christmas! I can't believe my eyes. A Modula/Pascal/TurboPascal rip off for sure.

They kind of fixed CeeLanguage and no one uses the fixed version.. hmph.

The difference seems to be interprocess communication and synchronization.

Take a look also at the Go Language from google.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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