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Kitchen Mixer Repair Tips

Tips on fixing counter-top (and other) mixers for the kitchen.
Problem 1:

Mixer runs at a fast speed all the time. Or, mixer seems to run at a constant abnormal speed.


Bad capacitor. There is usually a capacitor connected to the motor which gives the motor some extra boost when starting up. If the capacitor is bad, the mixer can run at full speed all the time.

If you have an older K45 mixer, this capacitor is a medium sized one (about the size of a quarter), and is held in a little cardboard sheeth.

Purchasing a replacement capacitor: it is hard to find this capacitor since the factories/distributors seem to stop stocking them.

The capacitor can look like a little beige or brown circle. Sometimes they may be square, but usually they are the round (ceramic) type.

If you have another mixer that is not K45, please pull out your capacitor and write down what the capacitor says on it. If you can interpret what it says you can't find a capacitor at your local electronic component distributors, such as digi-key, future active components, or possibly radio shack.

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