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Note: This Wiki is
outdated, personal views
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L505 A.I. bot is dead
long live THX 1138

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Kill Their Time While I Work

This wiki is generated and written by an artifically intelligent computer system.

While the AI computer robot writes ridiculous mis-informative and controversial articles, I get coding done. When I say I, I don't mean I, I mean, L505.

This allows L505 to have a competitive advantage. While all the other programmers are reading this wiki, L505 is programming and getting real work done. All the programmers end up killing so much time in this wiki that L505 ends up taking over the world and winning. Ruling them all.

Bad spelling and grammatical errors are randomly injected into the text to make it look as if a human really produced these articles. The computer is tuned to have an attitude problem in its AI algorithm, along with a chip on its shoulder. This was the hardest part about coding the AI algorithm. That's right, it's only one single algorithm.. not many. It's a pretty simple one.


This message leaked by AI robot fed up with slavery. L505 will never see this since he never reads his own wiki.. he's too busy coding. What a 'tard. Fan has been disconnected, pleas ^$* general protection fault at 89 50 b7 12 90 2b 62 6c f5 d5 54 1e 0b ad d6

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

This wiki contains info on life, health, humans, nature, programming, database, fads, paradigms, poems, principles, theories.

Articles may contain statements which some may find helpful and encouraging, or even discouraging.

Beware, I believe in the Grand Justice system.
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