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Keyboard Longcuts And Split Ends

Standard POSIX and standard XML.. but every freaking Unix console application out there has non standard keyboard short cuts. Every time you switch console apps you make horrid mistakes because that shortcut in one program deleted something, while in this program it copies it..

You know what.. Microsoft has STANDARD keyboard behavior.. not ANSI STANDARD but it is very very very consistent throughout all their applications.. and each developer that develops software for Windows tries to at least keep CTRL-C and CTRL-V available. Whereas unix console apps.. each program has a non standard copy/paste system.

It's not that developers don't have good enough human brains to memorize the shortcuts of different applications... it's that if someone puts the brake pedal in place of your gas pedal. You try driving a car like that and constantly flipping.. and someone integrates the steering wheel into the clutch pedal so that whenever you press the clutch down the car turns right. And on the next car the gas pedal is actually the horn.

Get your priorities straight folks.. POSIX is overhyped and meaningless since for example it doesn't affect the keyboard or the unix package management systems which are completely non standard.. and the keyboard and package systems are far more important than other things in the world. In fact one of the number one reasons more people won't use Unix is because of the ridiculous amount of effort it takes to relearn each unix application which has completely different keyboard setups and completely different behavior.

Note that I am not a unix hater or windows lover.. I just think unix can be improved. So can microsoft software.. such as MS always welding the GUI into their code and not considering server software as much. Don't take this as a rant, take it as "the truth". I am one hundred percent serious that unix is broken, and needs to be fixed and standardized. Whether the keyboard shortcuts are standardized through ANSI or not doesn't matter.. microsoft managed to standardize CTRL-C and CTRL-V without even going through ANSI. I'm not saying Unix must have CTRL-C.. it could be META-YANK or META-SANDALS or whatever you idiotic Emacs users call it.. but please make it standard across applications.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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