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KOL for Delphi

Discussing some KOL..
Some of the KOL MCK help files in RTF format for you.

Next project will be to convert the help files to HTML, and have a community where per each file, a user can make "comments" under each help file. Users can discuss code examples, extra tips, help file suggestions for changing the docs, etc. Similar to a wiki or the way php manual "contributed notes" is done. A web based community will exist so that users can log on to a website and post comments below each help file from a web browser. Another option will be for users to update the docs with software (thin client), instead of a web browser, with more diting features.

Richedit related:
Q: What is the equivilent of RichEdit1.FindText as seen in the VCL for Delphi?

A: Use richedit1.RE_SearchText

    function TControl.RE_SearchText(
      const Value: String; 
      MatchCase, WholeWord, ScanForward: Boolean; 
      SearchFrom, SearchTo: Integer
      ): Integer;

Listbox related:
Q: Why can I have a multiselection, or multi-select in a ListBox even if multi-select is set to false?

A: You must set the following options correctly (in the Object Inspector or by code)

   loNoExtendSel = TRUE; 
   loMultiSelect = FALSE;
Q:How to select a KOL listbox item?

A: Use LB.CurIndex and then if you want to grab the item, use LB.Items[]

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