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KOL and MCK Bugs

On this page for now, I'm going to track some bugs I have found in KOL/MCK. Soon the bugs on this page will be placed into a proper bug repository driven by Pascal Web Utilites based website here on Z505. For at least myself to track bugs that I come across and hopefully open it to the public later. Someone has to manage the project with proper bug reports and mailing lists, in my opinion.


KOL MCK version 2.30

FormClick event issue

OnFormClick does not appear to work for me, in KOL 2.30. Setting up a simple KOL/MCK project and assigning the the form click event of the KOL FORM widget (not the VCL form) does not appear to have any effect when a simple ShowMessage is insterted in to the form1click event's code block. For other widgets such as a Button, the click event does work fine.

Form Parent issue

In KOL/MCK, setting a form's parent does not seem to work properly. If the form is first created with Applet as parent using NewForm, then once the form is created and has a new parent set, the LEFT property does not adjust correctly. The TOP property seems to adjust correctly.

Found line of bug - see DelphiMaster.ru Forum

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Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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