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See also: JavaJarkitechture (written by jark)
  • C is a quick hack of a compiled language that has grown exponentially by adding crap to it, and has standards with ANSI in front of it to make the language sound legitimate, has anal case sensitivity that people never need, and is generally fast.
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  • Perl is a quick hack of a shell scripting language that has grown exponentially by adding crap to it, and has lots of crap available for quick hacks.
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  • Java is a structured OO language with tons of libraries, that requires massive CPU power to do anything useful, tons of typing to do simple things (much more than Pascal or C), a VM engine (interpretter). But nothing available for quick hacks, and the interpretter is written in C.
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  • Delphi is a properly structured language with many libraries, OO available at your side, requires no massive CPU power to do anything useful, and no VM engine, geared toward MS Windows but has Kylix. But the compiler is written in C.
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  • FreePascal is a properly structured language with many libraries, OO available at your side, requires no massive CPU power to do anything useful, and no hotspot VM engine, with QuikPas compilers and interpretters available for quick hacks. And the compiler/interpretters are written in Pascal.
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The Java interpreters/compilers are written in C. If it was written in Java, at least java programmers interested in how Java actually worked could understand Java. Someone has to maintain the Java interpretter, so why not write it in Java? Eventually, a Java advocate is going to want to maintain his interpretter in Java, because he is a Java advocate, after all.

If Java is so safe, why written in an unsafe language called C?

See also where java came from: Pascal-is-An-Unrecognized-Underdog

Many would argue that you just don't need to write the Java interpreters/compilers in Java because Java is for high level programming, not system programming. Well, that is BS, and one big flaw of Java. High level languages (or ones that appear to be high level) like Pascal can compile their own compilers, so why not Java?

There is no way to easily get a JSP or java web app on the net in a quick manner for small projects. The web is composed of many small projects, and some large projects. At least with Pascal we have the PSP/PWU available, whereas java is geared more torward heavy engineering up front, and longer deployment time for smaller get-it-going-now style projects. All big projects must start small at first.
Another bad thing about Java is the Buzzwords behind it. Many things in java are hyped with buzzwords, when in fact they could have just been said as is instead. Using buzzwords turns on some corporate fools, but turns of developers who are confident in themselves, and developers who do not fall for sales pitch
Another bad thing (slightly off topic) about java is the name. excessive Coffee is bad for you. If the programmers were actually drinking lots of coffee when creating and inventing Java programming language, then this is bad. It's kind of like taking an exam or going on a date when you are drunk. Not so good of a choice. Although, please note that the author of this page is a non-drinker, non-coffee drinker, so this point may be slightly biased or off topic --L505
Another problem with Java is that a lot of the stuff they have has become useless toys that isn't fit for human consumption. Example: java applets that freeze web browsers, java scripts that could have been better off as server side, java scripts that freeze/significantly alter or slow down a browser, java script heavy web pages that abuse java script for every little detail,

Java software that is bloaty can be really annoying. Some of the large or small Java apps are slow even on new computers. Many will argue that you should just buy a new computer instead of whining, but this is incorrect. That just supports Sun's expensive hardware, and people HAVE had new computers where java apps are still slow.

Real world example:

300MB application just to ship parcels with Canada Post Office.. why 200MB just to ship some boxes, whereas fedex/UPS software was maybe 10MB? It's not just the 200MB download that bothered someone, but rather the speed of that 200MB app on a brand spanking new computer. When you are shipping boxes, you do need a fast application because by 4 o'clock your boxes must go out the door, and you usually do box labelling and shipping 10 minutes before 4 o'clock after a hard day of work. Software should assist you in getting that extra edge, but instead of using the 200MB java app it is actually faster to fill out a shipping manifest by hand with a pen.

What's Java got going for it though?
  • The syntax possibly not is ludicrous as Perl.
  • It has lots of libraries and selection
  • it's cross-platform
  • there are a lot of open source and commercial libraries for it
  • it's syntax and typing is simlar to Pascal in some ways, even though it also carries some C/C++ similarities
  • it's probably easier to read than some languages
  • it's probably easier to maintain than some languages

Java might really be swell for developers if you could distribute and compile a java application like you did with a C++ or Delphi application. Because internet bandwidth and program size/speed still is an issue, even on those brand spanking new computers and those brand spanking new and fast internet connections. It would also be nice for Java to have the ability to compile it's own interpretter in Java.

There are several times where I have looked into the Pascal compiler source code and PascalScript interpretter/system source code for my own knowledge about the Pascal language, and for Pascal tricks and tips. I wouldn't want to have to look into the Pascal compiler sources if it was in C (funny enough, the Delphi compiler is written in C whereas freepascal is written in Pascal). Another factor to consider is Sun's future. Will someone invent another Java interpretter (possibly open source, commercial, etc.) if Sun happened to go diddly? Not a big issue, but something to consider.. why hasn't someone just invented a new Java interpretter and compiler, ,written only in Java, no C? --L505

What else sucks about java?
The Pascal for loop 

  for var := lowerBound to upperBound do

The Java for loop

  for(var = lowerBound; var <= upperBound; var = var + 1) 
The java loop is less clear, takes ridiculous effort on the keyboard, is ridiculous looking, and more verbose than the Pascal loop. This is thanks to C, since Java inherits and uses a lot the disadvantages of the C language.
Java vs Pascal article (hmm.. do you see any advantages of Java at all, in the article?).

"In general, Java is a much more succinct language. This is putting it nicely. To put it meanly, its syntax is brutal. For historical reasons the syntax comes from C, which has even more brutal syntax. This is something with which we must bear."

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