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Intelligence in All the Wrong Places

Coming across this website: LockheedMartin

I came across intelligent and almost impossible looking technology. Things I didn't even think possible. Humans have created all these super-advanced, hi-tech, super-intelligent systems, machines, simulators. What's it all for?

I've never seen anything like this from Microsoft or Safeway or Ebay or Walmart. All our intelligence seems to be going into... WEAPONS? Opening a can of worms here.

If you look at Walmart or your nearest vehicle dealership, or your nearest computer store, or your nearest software company.. these places are /nothing/nil/empty/ with intelligence, in comparison to the hi-tech we see here at Lockheed Martin.

What does this say about us humans? That we have plenty of intelligence, but it's being used extensively in the area of "stuff that you can blow things up with"? Stuff that could do "some major damage, dude, isn't that cool, dude"?

Imagine if we put all this knowledge into a computer system, a search engine, or the Internet. Yes, when looking at the LockheedMartin site, I'm thinking to myself "Google is just a toy, just a little toy compared to all the advanced technology that I see here". Imagine if these below efforts were instead put into our car technology or even our grocery store, or your nearest farm.

Why in the blue moon are we humans using up intelligence on weapons? Intelligence is time based.. you spend time on certain things and you leave other projects aside. The more time we spend on weapons, the less time we spend on.. important technology. I've never in my life, even at the corny Microsoft Text-To-Speech websites, or the Lisp AI websites, seen this much advanced impossible-like technology.

But using for WEAPONS, to "blow stuff up, dude"? Yeah, let's devote all our efforts and taxes and income to that.

All these technical, mechanical, super hi tech gizmos used for weaponry? Cool dude, right from America!

I consider this "partial intelligence" or "intelligence in the wrong places". Don't get me wrong and accuse me of saying that we don't need protection or that we don't need some weapons. What I'm saying is there is no need to show 99 percent intelligence levels in our weaponry fields, and show only 1 percent intelligence in other aspects of life. Microsoft, Google, Gnu/Linux look like little toy projects, compared to this LockheedMartin site, with all it's bizarre alien like super hi tech gadgets. Software is out. Weapons are in. Don't you have a clue. I sure hope things will change. Divert your intelligence, sir. Divert your intelligence away from weapons and into interesting subjects. Please.

Product lists? Thousands of super hi tech equipment.. all useless for the average human being. Stuff to blow stuff up, and stuff.

Jobs? Only the "smartest" of the smarts work for LockheedMartin. And remind me again, what is it that we intelligent beings are doing with our intelligence? Building Weapons, to blow stuff up, and stuff?

To quote:
"College Students Imagine A Career That Begins With Exceptional Challenge And Opportunity

Do you want to "push the envelope" and achieve something really significant? At Lockheed Martin, we are in the constant pursuit of new ideas - and we move beyond accepted boundaries. Our teams pursue the excitement of technical challenges in such areas as space exploration... aeronautical systems. . . commercial information management. . . homeland defense. . . intelligent transportation systems. . . hand-held medical devices. . . business enterprise solutions. . . software and systems for countless industries. . .

How do we -- one of the world's largest providers of systems engineering, software, and systems integration -- continue to move ahead? Simple. By providing opportunities to talented and energetic achievers like you.

You Can

. . . join a recognized technical leader with entry level opportunities nationwide.

Lockheed Martin is among the nation's top 100 Information Technology performers, according to CIO Magazine.

We are: 125,000 employees. . . 6 software maturity level-5 companies. . . recognized as an "employer of choice". . . one company, one team located in 50 states and over 50 countries."


001 Mars Odyssey 
A/OA-10 Prime 


Acoustic Arrays 

Acoustic Rapid COTS Insertion 

Active Matrix Liquid Crystal Display Monitor 

Address Interpretation 

Advanced Deployable System 

Advanced Development Products 

Advanced Extremely High Frequency (EHF) 

Advanced Frigate Consortium (AFCON) 

Advanced Gun System/Long-Range Land Attack Projectile 

Advanced Gunnery Training System 

Advanced Mobility 

Advanced Signal Processor 

Advanced Technologies and Oceanic Procedures 

Advanced Technology Operations 

Advanced Technology Support Program 

Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense 

Aegis Weapon System 

Aerial Common Sensor 

Aerosonde Unmanned Aircraft System 


AeroText (TM) 

After Market Enterprise 


AGOR 26 

AH-1 Cobra Modernization 

Air Defense Anti-Tank System 

Air Force Equipment Management System 

Air Mobility Avionics Upgrades 

Air Mobility Engineering Services 

Air Mobility Field Service Reps 

Air Mobility Field Teams 

Air Mobility Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul 

Air Mobility Mission Systems 

Air Mobility Modifications & Upgrades 

Air Mobility Supply, Spares & Kits 

Air Mobility Support Equipment 

Air Mobility Technical Publications 

Air Mobility Training 

Air Sovereignty Operations Center 

Air Traffic Control Simulation Systems 

Air Traffic Management/Air Traffic Control 

Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center III 

Airborne Laser 

Airborne Laser Infrared Surveillance Subsystem 

Airborne Mine Countermeasures 

Airborne Mine Neutralization System 

Aircraft Argentina 

Aircraft Maintenance, Modifications & Upgrades 

Aircraft Sub-Assemblies 

Aircrew Training And Rehearsal Support 

Airline Baggage Handling 

Albania National Airspace Modernization Program 

All Source Analysis System 

All-In-One Dispenser 

All-Purpose Container Unloader 

Americus Assembly Services 

AN/ALQ-210/217 Electronic Support Measures System 

AN/APG-67 Airborne Multimode Radar 

AN/APR-48A Radar Frequency Interferometer Electronic Support 
Target Acquisition System 

AN/APS-145 Advanced Early Warning Airborne Surveillance Radar 

AN/BLQ-10 (V) Submarine Electronic Warfare Systems 

AN/FPS-117 Long Range Solid-State Radar 

AN/SQQ-89(V)15 Undersea Warfare Combat System 

AN/TPS-59 Tactical Missile Defense Radar 

AN/TPS-77 Tactical Transportable Radar System 

AN/USQ-78B Acoustic Subsystem 

AN/UYK-43 Computer 

AN/UYK-44 Computer 

AN/UYQ-70(V) Advanced Display System 

Antennas and Ground Stations 

Application Development & Maintenance Solutions 

Area (En Route) Control Centers 

Argentina Ezeiza Automation System 

Armed Helo 

Army Special Operations Aircraft 

Army Tactical Missile System Block I 

Army Tactical Missile System Block IA 

Army Tactical Missile System Block IA Unitary 

Army Tactical Missile System Block II 


Asian Cellular Satellite System 


AT-63 Pampa 



Automated Package Processing System 

Automated Radar Terminal System (ARTS) Color Display 

Automated Sortation System for Lands' End Inc. 

Automatic Flats Tray Lidder System 

Autonomic Logistics Information System 

B-2 CP1936(V)/A Avionics Control Computer 

Broad Area Maritime Surveillance (BAMS) 

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and 
Explosives Software Maintenance Support 

Business Strategy & Consulting

C-130 Aircrew Training System 

C-130 Hercules 

C-130 Modification Kits 

C-130J Computer-Based Maintenance Training Program 

C-130J Maintenance and Aircrew Training System (MATS) 

C-141 StarLifter 

C-27J Spartan 

C-5 Avionics Modernization Program 

C-5 Galaxy 

Calibration Services 

Canadian Forces Health Information System (CFHIS)

Cargo Mission Contract 

Case management 



Census Systems 

CH-53E ICW Maintenance Aviation Computer-Based Training (CBT) 
Initiative (2001 - 2002) 


Chart of the Nuclides 

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defense Systems 

China/China Ocean Aviation Co. Air Traffic Automation System Project 


Chiyoda Image Processing Unit 

Close Combat Tactical Trainer 

Cobra Radar System 

Combat Talon II 

Command Operation Readiness Trainer 

Commercial Products Selection 

Commercial Remote Sensing 

Common Automated Radar Terminal System (Common ARTS) 

Common Cockpit 

Common Criteria Test Laboratory 

Common Organizational Level Tester 

Common Training Instrumentation Architecture 

Compact Kinetic Energy Missile 

Composite Liquid Oxygen Tank 

Computing Environment STRATCOM Architecture 

Configuration and Data Management 

Contractor Logistics Support 

Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications 

Conveyor - 24 Volt 

Covert High-speed Attack and Reconnaissance Craft 

Customer Assistant Center - Help Desk Services 

Customer Support Services Field Engineering 


Defence Fixed Telecommunication Service program 

Defense Message System 

Defense Meteorological Satellite Program 

Defense Satellite Communications System (DSCS) 

Defense Services 

Department of Defense (DoD) Intelligence Information Systems (DoDIIS) Integration
and Engineering Services Contracts (DIESCON) 3 Web Site 

Digital Scene-Matching Area Correlator 

Directional Infrared Countermeasures 

Display System Replacement 

Distributed Mission Operations Center of Excellence 

Distribution Centers 

Diversified Programs Operation (DPO) 

Dual Anamorphic Reflector Telescope (DART) 

e-Customs Partnership 

E-fulfillment for SmarterKids.com 

EA-6B Prowler AMTCS Computer Based Training Initiative (1999 - 2004) 

EagleSpeed Real-Time Database Manager 

Earth Observation Satellite EOS AM-1 (Terra) 


Electronic Suspense Tracking and Routing System 

En Route Automation Modernization Program 

En Route Communications Gateway 

Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Simulator/ Medical Procedures Simulation 
and Training 

Engine MRO 

Enhanced Back-Up Surveillance Project 

Enterprise Solutions 

Environmental Services 

Exo-Atmospheric Re-entry Interceptor Subsystem (ERIS) 

Extended Range Rocket M26A1/A2 

F-117 Nighthawk 

F-14 Infrared Search and Track 

F-15I Flight and System Trainer 

F-15S Weapon Systems Trainer 

F-16 Fighting Falcon 

F-16 Mission Training Center 

F-16 UAE Training System 

F-2 Defense Fighter 

F-35 Joint Strike Fighter 

F/A-18 A/B Computer-Based Maintenance Training Program ICW Effort 
(2000 - 2001) 

F/A-18 C/D Computer-Based Maintenance Training Program Upgrade Effort 
(1999 - 2000) 

F/A-22 Pilot Training System 

F/A-22 Raptor 


Fast-Jet Training System 

Field Team Operations 

Fleet Ballistic Missiles 

Flight Payloads Integration 


Foliage Penetration Synthetic Aperture Radar 

Frequency Hopping Multiplexer 

Fundamental Biology 


G-STAR GPS Anti-Jam Solutions 


GE Americom 

General Services Administration 


Georgian Aviation Infrastructure Modernization Program 

Geospatial Intelligence Solutions and Services 

Geostationary Communications and Control Segment Program 

German F-122 Frigate Combat System 

Global Combat Support System - Air Force 

Global Command and Control Systems-Army 

Global Positioning System IIR 

Global Transportation Network 

Gravity Probe B Relativity Mission 

Greenville Aircraft Center 

Ground Research Facilities 

GSA Federal Supply Schedule 

Guided Multiple Launch Rocket System XM30 Rocket 

Guided Unitary MLRS Rocket 

H-60 Trainers 


Hawkeye Extended Range Target Sight System 

Heat Rejection Radiators 

Hellfire II 

High Altitude Airship 

High Mobility Artillery Rocket System 

High Resolution Dynamics Limb Sounder (HIRDLS) 

Hologram Products 

Homing Overlay Experiment 

Host and Oceanic Computer System Replacement 

Host Sustainment 

Hub and Ramp Management 

Hubble Space Telescope 

Human Systems Integration 

Hybrid Propulsion 

ICBM Prime Integration Contract 

Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration 

Incident Information Management Systems (IIMS) 

Information Technology Enterprise Solutions 

Information Technology Services for Homeland Security 

Information Technology Solutions - Environmental Systems Engineering 

Information Technology Support Services 


Integrated Combat Weapon System 

Integrated Data System 

Integrated Submission and Remittance Processing System 

Integrated Surveillance Systems 

Integrated Warfare Development Center (IWDC) 

Integrated Weather and Environmental Systems 

Integration & Technical Services 

Integration of Command, Control, Communications and Information (C3i) 
System for London Metropolitan Police 

Integration Submission and Remittance Processing 

Intelligent Information Factory 

Interactive Defensive Avionics System / Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal 

Intermediate Level (I-Level) Maintenance Aviation Ordnance and Engine Test 
Cells Computer-Based Training (CBT) Initiative (2001 - 2003) 

International Maritime Satellite Organization 

International Space Station (ISS) 

International Telecommunications Satellite 

Intranet Quorum 

Intruder Detection System 

Intrusion Detection and Alarm System 


IRS Integrated Collection System 

IT Services and Solutions 

IT Solutions 

ITES KnowledgeNet 

Japan ASP 

Japan P-3C Upgrades 


John Karas Testimony on Future Launch Options For Space Exploration, 
May 5, 2004 

Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile 

Joint Asset Management and Engineering Solutions 

Joint Common Missile 

Joint Direct Attack Munitions 

Joint Enhanced Core Communication System 

Joint Strike Fighter Electro-Optical Targeting System 

Joint Strike Fighter Tactical Avionics 

Joint Strike Fighter Training Systems 

KC-130J Crew Chief Initial Accession Course (CCIAC) Conversion and Development 

Kelly Aviation Center, L.P. 

Korean Air Control Centre System 



Laser Guided Bomb Kit 

Laser Guided Training Round 

Laser Infrared Countermeasures Fly-Out Experiment 

LaserNet Fines 

Life Sciences Research 

Lifetime Support 

Line-of-Sight Antitank Weapon System 

LINKOSITY(tm) Electrical Systems 

LinkSensors Networking and Communications Management Tool 

Littoral Combat Ship 



Lockheed Martin Computer Incident Response Team 

Longbow Fire Control Radar and Missile 


Low Cost Autonomous Attack System 

Low Light Level Television Sensor 

Low-Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared System for Night 

LPD 17 Class Amphibious Transport Dock 

Lunar Prospector

M299 Missile Launcher 



Maneuver Control System 

Manufacturing Services 

Mariner 9 

Mars Global Surveyor 

Mars Missions 

Mars Pathfinder 

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter 

Material Management 


Medium Extended Air Defense System 

Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) 

Merlin HM MK1 

Message Switching System 

Metrology Service Laboratories 

Metrology, Training & Shuttle Landing Support 

MH-53E ICW Maintenance Aviation Computer-Based Training (CBT) Initiative 
(2001 - 2002) 



MH-60S Tactical Operational Flight Trainer 

Michoud Operations 

Microprocessor En Route Automated Radar Tracking System 

Middle East Services 

Millennium Gun 


MIR Cooperative Solar Array Project 

Mission Readiness Test Set 

Mission Reconfigurable Unmanned Undersea Vehicle 

Mission Support Operations Contract 

MK 41 Vertical Launching System 

Mobile Data Collection Device 

Mobile Electronic Warfare Support System Product Improvement Program 

Mobile User Objective System 

MSD Germany (F-122 / F-123) 

Multi-Mission Surveillance Radar 

Multi-Service Launch System 

Multifunction Utility/Logistics and Equipment Vehicle 

Multiple Integrated Laser Engagement System 

Multiple Launch Rocket System M26 Rocket 

Multiple Launch Rocket System M270 

Multiple Launch Rocket System M270A1 

Multiple Service Launch System 

N-SAT-110 (Super Bird) 

Nanchang and Hangzhou Automation Systems 

National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Services 

National Flight Academy (NFA) Curriculum Development (2004 - 2005) 

National Missile Defense/Payload Launch Vehicle 

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 

National Training Center Objective Instrumentation System 

National Weather Radar Testbed 

Naval Mission Planning 

Navigation Services - Regional Positioning System 


Network Activated Short Range Air Defense System 

Network Optimization 

Network-Centric Solutions 

New En Route Centre 

New Zealand Air Traffic Control System 

NITE Hawk 

Oceanic Air Traffic Management Services 


Online Mall 

P-3 Block Modification Upgrade Program 

P-3 Orion 

P-3C Anti-Surface Warfare Improvement Program 

P-3C Update III Block Modification Upgrade Program 

PAC-3 Missile 

Package Recognition System 

Pallet Unloader 

Parcel Delivery Market Solutions 

Pathmaker Advanced Integrated Mine Warfare System 


Payload Launch Vehicle 

Planetary Missions 


Port Authority of New York/ New Jersey Bridge and Tunnel Physical Security 

Portable Search and Target Acquisition Radar 

Poseidon C3 

Positive Train Control 


Printed Wiring Board 

Process Asset Library 

Project NETbook: A Web-Based Resource Management Solution 

Public Health Informatics 

Pudong Primary Automation System 


Range and Communications Development Contract 

Range Standardization and Automation II 

Range Standardization and Automation IIA 

Reduced-Range Practice Rocket 

Remote Computer Reader 

Remote Minehunting System 

Remote Sensing Support Services 

Remote Sensing Systems Integration 

Research and Technology Support 

Response Engineering Analytical Services 

Reusable Space Transportation Systems 

RNoAF P-3C Upgrade Improvement Program 

Rosetta Spacecraft 

Royal Australian Air Force AP-3C Data Management System 

Royal Navy Tomahawk Integration

S-3 Viking 

S-3B AN/AYK-23 Program/DMS Production 

S-Band Advanced Radar 


Satellite Communications Services 

Saudi Joint Air Operations School 



Secure Information Architectures 

Semi-Automatic Tray Sleever 



Shipboard Integration 

Short Term Conflict Alert 

SIKA Combat Vehicle 

Single Cell Launcher 

Singulator-Scan-Induction Unit 


Skynet 5 

SmartBridge(TM) Integrated Bridge Control System 


Snake Eyes 


Soft X-ray Telescope 

Software Digital Map 

Solar Array Flight Experiment (SAFE) 

Solar X-Ray Telescope Images 


SP-103C Single Board Processor 

Space Exploration 

Space Based Infrared System - High 

Space Based Laser 

Space Infrared Telescope Facility 

Space Interferometry Mission 

Space Interferometry Mission 

Space Mission Engineering 

Space Shuttle Thermal Protection 

Space Station Biological Research Project 

Spanish Navy's Light Airborn Multi-Purpose System 

Spares & Repairs 

Spares Modeling 

Spitzer Space Telescope 

SPY-1 Family of Radars 




Strategic Airport Security Rollout 

Submarine Precision Navigation System 

Supply Chain Management 

Supply Chain Management Plus (TM) 

Supportability Engineering 

Surveillance Collection Observation Unit 

System Performance Evaluation and Analysis Reporting 


T-50 Golden Eagle 

Tactical Environmental Processor 

Tactical Missile System Penetrator 

Tactical Operational Scene 

Tactical Tomahawk Weapon Control System 

TADS Electronic Display and Control 

Taiwan Air Traffic Control Automation System 

Tank Driver Trainer 

Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor 

Targets and Countermeasures 

TB-29/BQ Towed Array Sonar 

Team Falcon 

Technical Data Services 

Technical Manuals 

Technology Commercialization 

Technology Development 



Terminal High Altitude Area Defense 

Terminal Systems 

Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF) 

Test and Technical Services 

Tethered Aerostat Systems 

Theater Battle Management Core Systems 

Thermal Protection 



Total Engineering and Integration Services 

Total Ownership Cost Modeling 

Tower Systems 

TPS Offload 

Tracker/Data Fusion 



Transformational Tactical Targeting 

Transition Region and Coronal Explorer 

Transition Region and Coronal Explorer (TRACE) 

Trident 1 C4 

Trident II D5 

Trident Sonar/Defensive Weapon System Navigation 

Truck Driver Trainers 


UK New Scottish Center 

Undersea Coastal Surveillance System 

United Kingdom Combined Arms Tactical Trainer 

US101 Medium-Lift Helicopter 

User Request Evaluation Tool 

Vertical Launch Anti-submarine Rocket 

Vessel Traffic Management Information Systems 


Virginia Class C3I 

Virginia Class NSSN Exterior Communications System 

Virtual Combat Convoy Trainer 

Visual Interactive Simulation Training Application / APPLICATION DE SIMULATION 


Warfighter Information Network - Tactical 

Warfighter's Decision Aid 

Warfighter's Simulation 


Weather and Radar Systems 

Wide Field of View Camera System 

Wind Corrected Munitions Dispenser 

Wind Profiler 

Wireless and Mobile Computing 

Wireless Blanket Purchase Agreement 

Worldwide Engineering & Depot Operations Center

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Stupid Fucking Americans.

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