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Ignorance The Cure For ADD

I haven't been diagnosed nor have I ever asked to be diagnosed for ADD but in general I have feelings of attention span problems quite often. Busy folks always have attention span issues - those who deny this are simply ignoring something called simple math.

I think ADD (attention deficit disorder) is vague since anyone who is busy and anyone who doesn't have a low IQ simply knows there are only 24 hours in a day and there are 1 million times 2 million times infinite activities that could have been done in those 24 hours.

I know the reason some people are able to avoid ADD even if they have busy lives.

The reason is that they are ignorant.

Some consciously know they are ignorant, some deny it and subconsciously or unconsciously participate in ignorance.

The first problem is that ignorance is considered a derogatory word. No, ignorance is a good thing. Ignorance is the essential factor in getting it done (just do it, get it done, don't hesitate, etc.).

Ignorance is the cure and prevention for ADD. Some people who supposedly do not have ADD (i.e. normal people, whoever that may be) are simply more ignorant. Ignorant in a good way.

Proof in Point

You see, as I am writing this article - and making great progress - I am ignoring several more important tasks that need to be done. I currently need sleep, I currently need to remove the bowl with some peanut butter at the bottom of it (since it will smell if I go to sleep with it here, and it will make the room stuffy when I wake up), and I currently need to brush my teeth, and I currently need to write some items on a calender which I have been avoiding for weeks, and I need to finish up some book keeping that is past overdue, and I need to consider what activities are occurring tomorrow that may be more important than this article, and I need to ensure that I have clothes available to sleep in, and I need to ensure that I have backed up recent data on my computer, and I need to put the cordless telephone on the charger, and I need to ensure there is enough food in the fridge to eat for the next five days, and I need to worry about thousands of other issues.

If I ignore the above issues, and thousands of other issues - I can write this article successfully. If I ignore just the right amount of activities and objects in life, I can take on smaller specialized projects that may lead to important projects (important only relative to thousands of other projects which may be more important, depending on if I ignore the right importances and focus on the right or wrong importances at the right time).

Ignorance is essential in preventing and curing ADD - in fact ignorance itself is an activity to place attention on. Some choose to place attention on ignorance consciously and admit that ignorance is not derogatory but a positive means of getting activities done, while others choose to ignore and hide their ignorance pretending that life is about "prioritizing", "organizing", or "balancing" rather than ignorance. Some cannot find and label and self criticize their own ignorance, and they end up ignoring their own ignorance.

Prioritizing is ignorance. Balancing is ignorance. Organizing is ignorance. The latter three only get done due to ignorance of one, for the other.

Examples of Ignorance

In order for an NHL player to become successful (successful a relative term, and an ignorant term) he has to ignore his teeth and his physical health - even though to some, physical health and teeth are extremely important in life.

In order for a writer to become a successful writer (successful a relative term, and an ignorant term), he has to ignore his surroundings and even his children and family, even though to some, family and children are extremely important in life.

At times, an ignorant person may take time out and allow other activities in to his life that he previously ignored - such as a human taking a day off to visit his family, or a man and woman taking time to hug during an emergency. However in the back of his or her mind, he or she subconsciously, unconsciously, or consciously has visualizations of activities and items which are to be ignored more than other activities.

Examples of Very Dominating Ignorance

Specialized Studies & Specialized Careers

Folks who specialize in bizarre sciences, such as those studying fecal matter of a rare fish and studying nothing else but it, are simply ignorant. For why could they not study 50 other species, and why do they focus on only one special part of the species? In many cases this ignorance is a good thing rather than a bad thing. Other times this ignorance can cause biased view, and damage to mental and/or physical health.


During track and field in 8th grade, I remember being completely out of shape and winning a 800 meter running race. After the running race my lungs were in such pain I had visualizations of death. The lungs were in pain for more than 8 hours after the race. I had ignored my health in order to run fast - and this was my first enlightenment that I was going to live a dangerous life - for my ignorance was more important than my own health and safety. Similarly, some runners while training in the top olympic countries of the world get wheeled out on stretcher beds into ambulances at the track. They are not only wheeled into ambulances during or after races - but rather and more than likely in training season.

Ignorance is the recipe for creating some of the fastest runners in the world. There should be more injuries during training than in racing. Someone who isn't ignorant runs easy during training and never becomes successful. Ignorance is the key to success, because the word "success" itself is ignorant.

Folks Who Are Employed

Folks who are employed are ignoring thousands, if not millions of other possibilities through self employment or other employment.

Folks Who Are Self-Employed in a specialty

Folks who specialize in a certain niche are ignoring thousands, if not millions of other possibilities through other niches or more mainstream markets.

Folks Who Can use Google Without Fear

If you have never thrown your keyboard at the door because there were too many billions of issues to discover on Google, you are truly ignorant and have a very low IQ. Some ignorance is healthy - but being this ignorant and not admitting to the fact that there are billions of items you will not discover in life - that is sad.

Folks Who Travel

Ignoring your own community and country. I have asked several folks why they wish to travel if they have not discovered location ABC 4 miles away from their home. They often don't understand the point I'm getting at - other more intellgent folks question and are extremely baffled as to why they should travel to ABC when there are 4 million other XYZ's. To get any traveling done, however, one has to be extremely ignorant and choose one single place at one instance in time.


Marrying is simply a form of ignoring thousands of other possibilities.

Staying Single

Staying single is simply a form of ignoring thousands of other possibilities.

Choosing Ignorance

One cannot choose to be ignorant, one can only decide how ignorant to be and on what subjects.

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