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I like Leonardo Rame

Some people after reading my wiki articles get all upset and ticked off and then waste their time flaming or holding grudges against me.. I feel sorry for those people. Actually I don't feel sorry for them... I think they are weenies.

There are other's who are smart, though.

Leonardo Rame is the perfect example of the type of person I intend to make social contact with in my Wiki.

Recently I was bitching about Foopascal (Freepascal) not having any SQL-DB/FCL-DB documentation. Instead of yelling at me for making such a correct comment, Leonardo acknowledged the problem and uploaded some documentation with me into LUFDOC about SQLDB/FCLDB. He also wrote lengthy blog posts about fcldb/sqldb and helped Jorge on his own time to explain SQLDB.

We are working together to make blog posts, wiki posts, lufdoc notes, etc about sqldb. And this especially occurred BECAUSE of my rant/complaint.. i.e. it triggered this all to happen. Without anyone complaining or filing bug reports, you don't make any progress because there is nothing reported wrong. A rant is the same as a bug report.. it is just a different type of bug report. Understand that.

These are the kind of people I like reading my wiki.. the ones that understand WHAT I am talking about and WHY I am talking about. I don't write articles on here to HURT people.. I write articles on here to motivate and get people moving (including myself). I speak my mind and do something about it afterward, and Leonardo did that too. So learn from Leonardo.. look at some of my articles and instead of seeing them as destructive criticism.. see them as simply 'criticism' since there is no such criticism out there that doesn't contain negativity (without negativity there would be no such thing as positivity.. study Poles and Attraction: a negative situation attracts a positive outcome).

I am very approachable and easy going.. so let's work together and fix all of the problems I come up with on this horrible wiki.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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Beware, I believe in the Grand Justice system.
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