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I Beat The Morfik Chess AI Engine

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I was playing Morfik chess since I got it working. For several weeks I tried the game and it wouldn't load, it gave me some 'ICS error'.

Anyway, I went to the chess website a few weeks later and no error popped up. I played for a while and managed to kick the AI engine's ass fairly quickly. I noticed quite a few problems such as me being able to do two moves at times (a free move). I also noticed that when putting it in 120 second mode, it took more like 500 seconds at times.

Anyway I prefer to play proper offline chess software so that my CPU isn't pegged for so long with inneffecient javascript. This is really the wrong application to use Ajax in since there are so many good chess games out there already that work better and don't require the clunky web browser.

How to become chess master?

I recall playing chess 2-5 days straight many years ago against the computer in some harder game with a really good AI, and finally beating it after using the same starting moves over and over and over (this is the strategy to master).

The first rule to becoming a chess master is don't become a chess master! This may sound odd.. but the only way you will beat someone or the computer is if you know a few really good starting moves and stick with them.

Repeat, repeat, repeat. Do the same exact starting moves over, and over, and over again until you find a loop hole.

Become specialized in your first two (or three) starting moves and stick with the same moves each time you play the game. If you don't get the first move in chess, it is harder. Then you must start to master many more different moves (forget that, pretend you do have the first starting move for now).

You can change your second and third move around a bit, but try not to do it too often or you will become overwhelmed with possibilities. Stick with a few really good two or three starting moves and everything after that you must start to memorize. If you master one or two certain moves that starts the game and only master them very well, then you forget all the other possibilities and focus only on those two moves.

Jack of all moves? No

It is called the process of elimination and mastering one trade instead of being a jack of all trades. Once you have fully mastered a move, you must re-memorize it and go over it again because you will forget it if you don't practice. Then, move on to more moves and expand from there.

Never ever try different new starting moves each game.. Try different moves later in the game when things get tight, but not new starting moves! Trying more and more new starting moves will lead to failure and failure and more failure until you don't want to play anymore since your brain cannot master many moves at once.. it can only master a few certain specific moves (focus, focus, focus, repeat, repeat, repeat).

Scary odd moves

Chances are, in a real game of chess, if you have the first move and you use your moves that you beat a computer with.. you will beat a human fairly easily.. especially if that other guy that you are playing with hasn't mastered that certain three moves you start the game with. The other guy you play against in real life is probably a *jack of all moves* chess player and he hasn't mastered any specific moves very well.

Especially daring moves are good - ones that expose your queen and surprise the other player since most people aren't willing to expose a queen early in the game. If you have mastered a daring move, use it; every time he thinks you made a mistake, he will take you up on it, but in your mind you know it was not a mistake. This leads to his pieces being removed quicker. Daring moves can bring out mistakes on his side since he isn't used to daring moves. Most people are used to playing against protective conservative players.

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