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Hosts That Support Pascal CGI

Hosts that support CGI-BIN will work with PSP/Powerful Web Utils. Almost all servers support CGI-BIN, including all popular CPanel hosts. If a host doesn't support CGI-BIN then it is crazy.. CGI-BIN is more widely available than Ruby or Python installations.

Some free hosts also are available for CGI-BIN.

Here are some below who we have reviewed for you. You can check them out and even sign up for some Freebies if you want to get started right away. The ones below are not a complete list of hosts who support CGI-BIN! These are just some that we recommend since we are customers or have clients that have had excellent customer service from these hosting companies.

Looking for hosts that are cheaper? We've even found some free web hosts that support CGI and Pascal programs. You can also see some limited time free offers here. There is currently 12 months free and 6 months free available at some hosts! Try out your PSP/Powerful Web Utils applications at no cost on a professional web host for free.. unbelievable.

New! Windows hosting:

There are many Microsoft Windows hosts that support EXE's in CGI-BIN, but here is one that I recommend:

Easy CGI Web Hosting - 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

  • Starts at only $7.96
  • Free Setup
  • runs CGI EXE web applications, full CGI-BIN access.
  • 1000GB Monthly Data Transfer
  • 100GB Disk Space
  • conclusion: Recommended.
  • note: disk space and bandwidth may have increased since date of writing

Linux/BSD/UNIX hosting:

AnHost 6 Months FREE
  • see my AnHost info page
  • Many bells and whistles
  • Enter coupon code for 6 months free deal
  • Great price
Jumpline Hosting 3 Months FREE
  • runs Pascal CGI applications, full CGI-BIN access.
  • Many bells and whistles
  • Control Panel allows you to install pre-configured software
  • Virtual dedicated server (ability to install your own software)
  • SSH/Telnet/Shell access (remote control the server with PuTTY or similar)


  • runs Pascal CGI applications, full CGI-BIN access.
  • has the popular control panel (CPanel).
  • allows remote connection to MYSQL databases if you don't want to use PHPMyAdmin and you use software
  • has PHPMyAdmin web interface available too
  • allows multiple domains on one account for less than $10/month
  • even cheaper than $8 if you don't need multiple domains on one account.
  • no setup fee
  • FTP response time is excellent for changing directories and connecting. Instant split second response time in FTP, compared to for example Servage.net which had a 5-10 second delay just to change directories!
  • check it out for more details
  • conclusion: Recommended. They are ready to set you up today.
  • note: disk space and bandwidth may have increased since date of writing


  • supports Pascal applications, PHP, etc. but servage.net seems to be either an overloaded server, or they really have something wrong with their clusters.
  • For example, all PHP/CGI applications would only run fast at 3AM in the morning. They denied this problem when we contacted support, and said "everything seems to be running fast at our end".
  • Any other time in the day, sometimes the PasWiki, PasForum, and any PHP script would crash or take 10-50 seconds to begin loading!
  • lousy control panel.. statistics are lacking. Control panel is OKAY except for statistics. No raw logs, no AWstats, no google/yahoo/search stats. Just plain referrer stats that may or may not be accurate.
  • conclusion: not recommended, until they answer us on why our site was so slow and what they are going to do about the problem in the future!

  • supports Pascal applications, full CGI-BIN access.
  • excellent pricing, about $8/month for huge bandwidth, and lots of space
  • shell access available (ssh/telnet)
  • control panel better than servage some people say.
  • conclusion: Recommended.
  • sign up or check it out
  • Coupon code: Try entering in this coupon: fiveoff
  • Free one-year domain registration
  • recently increased disk space to 20 GB per month and bandwidth to 400 GB per month for all new and existing customers

And here are some free hosts that may have CGI-BIN to test out your programs...

Note: some servers do not handle UPX compressed Executables on Unix.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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