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Google can answer all Jeopardy like Questions

I experimented with a "jeopardy" type program that was running on IRC once. Using google I had about a 95 percent average getting hundreds of thousands of questions correct. The time limit for answering each question was also strict (something like 6 seconds?), and this helped motivate me. Of course a DSL/Cable connection was essential.

Stuff that I never even knew about was easy to answer, only if google was available at my side (and with the StayOnTop held on for IRC). I played for about 2 hours getting 95 percent of questions correct.. on stuff I never had the slightest clue about.

It was interesting, but the sad question I asked myself was "why do I need to know any of this? Even if I can get 95 percent right, who's going to care?". It was mainly history based questions.. as in jeopardy style. Tough ones too, bizarre things you wouldn't know.

I just used precise quotations around phrases. This was essential: knowing how to quote phrases.

Specific questions in a jeopardy like situation are also easier to find on google since they are so specific. Whereas finding information about the latest popular Sony Widget is not so specific. It may seem specific if you have a part number, but it's not as specific as a question that's 5-6 words or so. So much harder to find valid information on a Sony product than a Jeopardy-like-question, from my experience.

I also don't watch Jeopardy or like to play those type games.. so I was surprised to have a 95 percent average. And I never liked history either. It's the future. It's all about the future.

Now imagine how easy it would be to answer exam questions (or questions from your wife) if people had small computers embedded in their ear with "google embedded" installed on them?

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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