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Google Founder Caught Illegally Picking Locks

Well, not exactly anything Illegal. But below are some true stories, posted on newsgroups from founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin. How do we know these are the true founders of google posting in these messages?
  1. The email address is from the university they attended at the time
  2. Sergey always signed with a -- at the end of his posts.

We caught you picking door locks in California, Sergey Brin
Sergey Brin	  Apr 27 1994, 7:07 pm     show options	

I recently bought the 32 piece lock pick set from Septon and have 
picked several locks for fun.  However, I notice that filings 
periodically come out of the lock.  I'm not sure whether these are 
from the pick or the pins of the lock or both. 

So, my question is does picking the locks cause the pins to wear?  If 
so, do they wear enough to prevent the key from fitting and does using 
the curved picks help? 

On another note, does anyone happen to know what the California law is 
regarding lock picks? 


We know you play DOOM on your 486 DX50, Sergey Brin.. but that's ok, Linus Torvalds played Prince of Persia. Don't worry, it's our little secret.
DOOM & SoundBlaster 1.0 (was: Hate to start but...)

I have the same problem with a 486 DX50 and
the original sound blaster. Incidentally I 
am running this under OS2. Bleeper sound fx
work by the way. 
Is this limited to DX-50's or does anyone 
else have this problem (with the SB)? 
Let me know if you find a solution. 


We know that you used windows too, and not just Gnu Linux, Sergey Brin
Sergey Brin	  Dec 11 1992, 12:14 am     show options	

Through utter stupidity I managed to delete my MSWORKS.INI file and 
now the spell checker and drawing program don't work. 
Naturally, I don't have any backups.  Anyway, since INSTALL keeps 
bombing on me, could some kind person please e-mail me their 
MSWORKS.INI file so I could patch it to work on my system. 


Internet : ser...@cs.umd.edu

We know that the entire google engine is powered by one little Java script you wrote, Larry.
Q: Setting User-Agent Field?
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Lawrence Page	  Jan 7 1996, 3:00 am     show options	

I have a web robot which is a Java app.  I need to be able to set the 
User-Agent field in the HTTP header in order to be a good net citizen (so 
people know who is accessing their server).  Anyone have any ideas? 

Right now, Java sends a request that includes something like: 

User-Agent: Java/1.0beta2 

I'd rather not rewrite all the HTTP stuff myself.  I tried just searching 
in the JDK for the Java/1.0beta2 figuring I could just change the string, 
but I couldn't find it. Perhaps it is stored as a unicode string? 

An easy method of setting the User-Agent field should probably be added to 
Java, so people can properly identify their programs.   

Thanks, Larry Page

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