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GTK Sucks

 - because even Windows 95/98/2000/classic applications look better than GTK ones
 - because Lazarus applications on Linux look worse than Windows ones, since they 
   use GTK. This makes people want to use windows instead of linux for desktop work,
   and you guessed it.. only linux for server work. It shouldn't be this way.
 - because the buttons, menus and everything are big and clunky
 - because gtk applications in Linux take up more screen space than MS Windows Gui 
 - because even MS Windows 95 or Windows 3.1 applications still felt better than GTK. 
   Ok, maybe Windows 3.1 is pushing it. But you get the point.
 - because people might even use Gnu/Linux as a desktop operating system if GTK was 
   more cusomizable and smaller, (i.e. makes you feel like you are on 800X600 and
   cippled even on a hi res 17-19 inch monitor).
 - because I can pack and use more applications on a Windows Desktop using win32 Gui 
   than a Linux Desktop using GTK. I thought linux was supposed to be more powerful
   operating system? The GUI needs to be powerful too, not just the command line.
There is QT, but I haven't tested it enough to know if it really rules over GTK. It seems to by looks, but what about by speed?

It is possible GTK could be improved though, we shouldn't just leave it and use something else instead.

Does QT suck too? Is it nicer than GTK, but slower? Or is it about the same speed? I found Opera on Linux extremely slow compared to on Windows.. and Opera for Linux uses QT. This could mean that QT is slow, or not. It could be other reasons, such as X windwow system being slow?

Maybe GTK sucks because it was designed for Gnome but then hacked up to use for generic-everything-of-all-sorts applications. Still, hopefully it will improve.

Similar problems exist with GNUStep.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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