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There is mouse support in Windows for the text mode IDE. Some times the command line window that the IDE runs in is set up to use the Right Hand mouse button. This is important because it may fool you into thinking the mouse is not working if you try and use the left button.

If you prefer to use the left mouse button try going into the Dos window options by pressing ALT-SPACE and select Properties in the drop down. Turn "Quick Edit" mode and "Insert Mode" off. Click apply, make changes permanent or to this dos window only. See if your mouse now works in the IDE. Your mouse may not immediately work until you click around a bit because if any windows are open in FP-IDE already while you have made these changes, it may get confused.

One thing that is poor about the FP IDE is the keyboard short cuts are retro Dos style. We have entered a new age where everyone is now used to hitting CTRL-F to find something. Unfortunately in FP-IDE this and many other short cuts do not work because FP-IDE is retro and stubborn as a mule, resistant to change. Hitting F3 triggers the open dialog where it really should trigger the "find again" command.

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Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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