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Eric Sink Oreo Cookie Thoughts

Eric Sink writes about Golden Oreo cookies:
Errm.. I'd say that differentiating the product is successful in many cases, and Golden Oreo cookies are an attempt from Oreo to differentiate their product. There are several types of Jeep's to buy.. there's the classic Jeep that everyone knows. Then there is the Grand Cherokee, which is not the classic Jeep that everyone knew - but using the Jeep name with Grand Cherokee helps make Grand Cherokee a successful vehicle. It's a different type of Jeep - a Grand Cherokee is not the old classic Jeep that everyone knew about back then. But Grand Cherokee is a Golden Oreo cookie - it is different.. it is like a van, and it is like a Jeep, but it isn't a Jeep, and it isn't a van. And it is successful.

How about Visual Basic and Visual C++ ? Microsoft's Visual product lines are similar - they offer visual development. Visual C++ is not Visual Basic - Visual Basic is easier to use for many people. But using the word Visual helped make C++ a successful product, even though Visual C++ is not really visual, compared to visual basic. So again, we see success by making the Oreo cookie golden.

So I don't necessarily agree that differentiating the product doesn't work. Golden Oreo cookies is essentially a different product with the same name brand. Golden Oreo cookies might not work because it sounds kind of gross.. Golden cookies that were already too sweet as it is? Chocolate is a bit bitter and makes the Oreo somewhat bearable.. they are really sweet as it is. Maybe people don't want to buy Golden Oreo cookies because Golden sounds old, and Golden cookies must be sweet, too sweet and disgusting sounding for consumers to catch on to? I don't think it is because they are using Oreo in the product name.. I think it is for other reasons.

Lots of products have used brand name successfully. Oreo is a brand name, and so is Jeep, and so is Microsoft. If there is a Microsoft Visual C++ then those people are probably going to try Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual Studio. If there is a Borland database then people are going to try a Borland source control system, and a Borland developer studio.

Oreo, is a brand name or brand line if you prefer. Borland and Microsoft are brand names, while "Visual" is a successful brand line. Jeep is somewhat a brand name and a brand line.. a jeep is a type of vehicle, but it is also a company? Oreo, is a brand line and kind of a brand name too. I think oreo cookies that are dipped in chocolate would be successful, at the right price... because they have the oreo brand name. I could be wrong.

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