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Does CrossFPC Help Us

Kind of. Sort of. A little bit insulting to borland (shoving fpc into delphi) but it is an interesting idea.

My solution: an http compiler that uses tunneling to connect the IDE to the remote compiler. One can run server apps on a typical CPanel/Plesk hosting account.

Delphi is for Windows GUI sticky buns, freepascal/kylix is for server apps compiled through http tunneling. We are talking about the I-N-T-E-R-N-E-T here folks.. you know that thing you use each day.. and stuff.. and not those cool funky GUI sticky buns that run on KDE which not too many people buy, hence the reason Kylix FAILED.

Tunneling using IDE and HTTP

The delphi IDE can be used for development, or other IDE's, or even text editors.. The IDE simply sends a POST request to the compiler installed on some server, and the compiler compiles the source files that someone uploaded to FTP previously, through the IDE or a FTP program.

A possible problem is that kylix might not be easy to get running on a server with a cpanel/plesk hosting account that has no SSH/Telnet - or the kylix license won't permit this to be possible (using a compiler as a web program service on some server could allow multiple people to compile web apps without paying for multiple licenses.. but then again someone could compile desktop apps on a friends computer too, so..). Anyway, with freepascal there will be no issues. Well, if borland people read this wiki page, please consider your competitor for the server market - fpc - and make the kylix compiler uploadable to a web server and usable without installation. FPC can do it.

I've already got compile-studio running with fpc, and if kylix was available and the license allowed me, I'd make compile-studio work with kylix too. And no, the compile-studio you see in the web program isn't what I'm talking about when I say http tunneling.. the video just shows and proves that a compiler can compile programs on some remote server.. the html interface for editing and compiling is just a stupid limited GUI. For proper editing, the offline IDE like delphi would be used with the http tunneling system for compilation on the server.

Local compilation could be done on Windows before uploading to server to compile, if the program being developed was written to work on Windows and Linux. This would be like how PHP programs can be tested on Windows sometimes using a localhost Windows box but uploaded to a linux server.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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