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Delphi Win32 API Wiki

Delphi Win32/Win64/(Win128?) API Documentation Project

The windows API, as described on MSDN and in files such as win32.hlp or win32.chm apply to mainly C and C++ programming. PWAPI project (or DWAP) is a bunch of humans (you) who convert the entire API documentation over to delphi documentation.
The skeleton of these docs is ready: Delphi Windows API Documentation (or freepascal)
When you are looking up the Win32 API function GetWindowText, it would appear something like this in the win32 help: Win32 GetWindowText Example In the DWAP project, that same GetWindowText documentation will now read something like this: PWAPI GetWindowText Example Most of the windows API has already been converted to Delphi code by Borland. But the actual documentation for the windows API is in C and C++. Examples on the MSDN website are also usually in C++ and C or VB. DWAP gathers all Delphi programmers together to create a complete Win32 API guide in Delphi code and Delphi documentation. The original idea of the PWAPI project was to create a client/server software application for PWAPI contributors to connect with and update the help files. However, since software can take time to stabalize and release, it is decided that a simple Web Program is the obvious choice, one called LUFDOC. The web program engine called LUFDOC is the documentation engine used to place the documents live on a server and allow anyone to edit and comment on the functions in the windows.pas and other units. Is LUFDOC just vaporware? Absolutely not. The Powerful Web Utilities have been documented with the LUFDOC engine and an example of LUFDOC in action can be seen here When users contribute a comment to or create a LUFDOC page for PWAPI, the documentation for the windows API will look similar to these docs, but instead of documenting a CGI programming project, obviously the pages will be documenting the API. DWAP should instead be called PWAPI because: -FreePascal and other Pascal compilers apply too. Instead of being Delphi specific, the better name is: PWAPI (Pascal Windows API project)
Not all PWAPI documentation will be done by hand. Massive conversion tools are available.. custom h2pas/c2pas converters and other automation tools can assist the conversion. For example, see this skeleton layout here As you can see, the skeleton is ready - we just have to upload the LUFDOC engine. Minor note: Since the windows API is so large and will attract a lot of visitors/bandwidth, Z505 Software does have a business plan/funding scheme behind this project. The API being so large, will cost us quite a bit of bandwidth and server fees. We will most likely display delphi/fpc related text ads at the top advertising delphi/fpc products from third parties (nothing obscene like dating site ads or adultfriendfinder ads - just relevant products).
In order to make the PWAPI a truly Pascal specific, we have to change the description and wording of the original MSDN/win32 help docs: i.e. We can use the win32 API docs from MSDN as a guide as to what to put into the PWAPI pages, just not direct word-for-word copying. Most descriptions need to have added examples and the wording needs to be changed anyway (describe it in Pascal more than in C).

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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