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Dear Paul Where is The Lisp Web Framework

People love to develop web applications when there is a strong community of developers behind a framework, with a website, with a download and examples page, with a project page, and with online documentation and mailing lists available. Partly because people want to use a framework that is going to be future proof - a friendly project with developers and mailling lists and documentation shows that the project is serious and able.

Where the heck is the lisp web framework, Paul Graham?

Paul talks about how great Lisp and opensource is but:

  • where is the web framework that runs the viaweb store, or at least similar programs and reusable frameworks - it doesn't have to be the actual viaweb source
  • where is the documentation on the framework and functions used for viaweb, and why is it superior
  • where is a download area where I can download all these powerful Lisp web programs, and learn from other lisp web application code
Not that I'm interested in starting to use lisp for web programming, since I am already satisfied, and I think too many people would invent internal lisp languages of their own (lisp is a like a powerful C pre-processor...).. But other lisp programmers must be interested in the frameworks used to power a store?

I'm just wondering where this framework or at least ideas from it are.. if open source is so powerful and good.

Or is small business closed source code better? To me, that's what viaweb and Paul Graham were.. for that's all I can judge, since I don't see any code. All I see is a viaweb small business closed source success story.. (partly success).

Don't tell me that in Lisp real programmers invent and use their own web frameworks each time, and that they invent and inner lisp web languages using lisp macros so no one needs a framework.

Prove to us that Lisp doesn't encourage unstructured pre-processor style programming where everyone rolls there own macro because they are so caught up in the "power of rolling their own", when in fact they should be focusing on more than just that power alone:

  • The power of structure
  • The power of using an existing framework, not always rolling your own
  • The power of rolling your own, when something isn't available
  • The power of a community, forum, mailing list, documentation, and example code

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