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Creating vs Calling Out Sexism

A lot of people will get into trouble for calling out gender differences.. for example if someone says:
"That girl on the magazine is a slut, look at her rack sticking out."
This will be deemed 'sexist' since someone is making fun of a gender or a sex.

I personally don't go around calling girls sluts.. but.. the person making this comment actually does have a point.

In fact, the girl on the magazine indeed truly is a slut. She is getting paid to pose half naked in a bathing suit or similar.

Who is creating the sexism? The person who calls out and judges the sexism? No. That is just a response to the cause. The cause had to originate from somewhere.

Why is the person that is calling out the sexism being deemed sexist.. when in fact the person who is truly the cause of sexism is the one who created the sexist picture in the first place?

Blame Her

Is the newspaper company that shows a Sunshine Girl for the weather sexist? Really is the newspaper the problem? Or is the sexist person actually the girl who is accepting the paycheck and allowing someone to take a picture of her? Is the girl the cause of the sexism in the newspaper, since ultimately she volunteered to take part of her clothes off and pose as a weakling for men to look at?

Who created this sexism in the first place? The woman on the magazine or the sunshine girl is responsible for taking a paycheck and posing. The magazine company is responsible for offering the paycheck to the woman.. but the woman is ultimately responsible for giving in and participating in this slutty sexism.

Why should someone get in trouble for calling out and judging sexism? The problem is not calling out sexism.. the problem is who is creating the sexism. By posing half naked for a magazine, the woman is encouraging and creating sexism, and the woman is encouraging objectification.

She Wears Those, Not Him

By wearing weak high heels and fake makeup, a woman is encouraging and creating sexism. A man who calls a woman 'made up' is not the problem. The woman who is made up in the first place is the problem.

In order to prevent sexism when it comes to woman vs man, it is usually women themselves have to take action.. not men. For example if a woman wants to stop being called a slut.. then please stop acting and posing like one. Because as long as you continue to do so, you will be called a slut for the rest of your life. Not by me, but by most of the population who is just being honest.

If women don't want to appear as 'weaker sex' then why do they continually walk around in high heels with breast/bust revealing shirts? Why do they show parts of their ass and parts of their skin, revealing weakness? Why do they wear weak fake fingernails? Why do they make their hair look playful and weak? Why do they fling their hair around in a weak way?

Who is truly causing the sexism? Is it the person of the sex who is causing sexism? Or is it the person calling out and commenting on sexism who is causing it?

The person 'calling out' or 'commenting on' sexism cannot be responsible for sexism. Ultimately the one responsible for sexism is the one who causes the sex object to exist (the woman).

Men are also objects too, used as tools or machines to work hard. Men often brag about how hard working they are, which is like admitting your are a tool or a machine. Men are also used in the military as objects, and are shot down as if they are expendable resources.

Could the sexes become more equal over time, or could the genders have been more equal in history? Sure. Ada Lovelace was the first human programmer, and she was a female. She pioneered computing science, not man. That's right, a female is one of the mothers of computing science - not the father of computing science. This was back in a time when no feminist nonsense existed.. she became a female genius by her own choice, without any feminist propaganda in place. She didn't need feminism, she just chose to be a powerful intelligent female all by herself - without any feminist baggage to go with it.

Is it always man's fault always for women being a weaker sex? No, many times the woman herself participates and encourages in weak activities. In many cases it is the woman's fault herself for causing sexism. After all, in order for sexism to exist, someone has to play a big role in the voluntary participation of it. No one forces a woman to pose partially nude for magazines in Safeway at the front till.

Blame The Laws

There is no law dictating that women must wear makeup, high heels. There is no law stating that women must fling their hair in a weak manner and show weak skin. That is their own choice. There is no law saying women must pose half naked on the front of every magazine at Safeway when you go to the till.

In some countries it is a law for women to be covered up.. but in most countries it is not, which means that if in most countries women are choosing the weak appearance, it is nobody's fault but their own for creating sexism and objectification of the human body. Plus, men pose on the front of magazines as tools or machines (muscular men) too - why is there a double standard where feminists think only women are objectified but not men? Of course men are objectified! Men are tools, and are expendable resources. ("Can you please fix my car for me Mr. Tool, because I can't do it myself since I am wearing a dress... I'll just have my tool do it for me... a man.")

As for equal treatment of women in jobs/careers... again there is no law saying that a girl cannot be hired as a software programmer (even in the 1800's), engineer, president, manager, etc. That is HER job to go out and get that job if she wants it. The fact that not as many women have higher position jobs (if this is even the case) is no longer blamed on sexism.. blame the women for not trying! There is nothing stopping a woman from starting her own company.. and managing it. There is nothing stopping a woman from being president. There is nothing stopping a woman from doing XYZ.

As to whether or not a woman SHOULD be out there working? This is debatable. I think a woman OR a man should do whatever he or she WANTS TO DO in life.. as long as he or she can get away with it successfully without harming too many people. If that means she stays home while pregnant but goes out to work when not pregnant.. so be it. I'm all for it. If she really can be productive at home, and doesn't get bored doing every day tasks like laundry, cleaning, feeding kids, etc. then I'm also okay with that. I am however against women staying home all day doing useless stuff like running out shopping every few days just for the sake of running out and shopping.

Just for the record, I prefer a girl in a sweater rather than a slutty bathing suit type outfit. And most perfume stinks. And makeup looks erroneous unless the observer is standing far enough away. It's the girls who choose to wear it, men are not demanding that women be sex objects. Women are voluntarily offering themselves as such mostly due to the hormones in their body and brain that are causing them to act this way through nature. Change comes from within. Within the female herself. Ultimately she makes choices to be objectified.

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