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Cooked Human Meat Is Good

For some reason on thanksgiving or christmas, people think nothing of torturing an animal and putting its dead body into an oven.

What is it we are giving thanks for again?

Shall we get out our shotguns and kill a few humans on christmas and thanksgiving to give thanks for what we have? Makes sense doesn't it. I mean how could we value human life, without first killing some humans and proving that we really need to give thanks at all? It works with turkeys!

Humans Farmed?

What if some more intelligent species came to earth and decided that humans were nice pets to capture, and humans made some nice burger meat? An intelligent species might look down on us and laugh at our plastic computers we create and all the nonsense we come up with.. we should be captured and farmed for being such idiots.

Taking pictures and videos of a nice glass of white tit juice and a murdered cows ribs cut off and wedged between a bun. This is a good TV commercial for some new McDonalds or Arby's Rib Burger $1.99 special. With free breast milk included!

Yes, that will look nice when humans are in the same position.. eaten by a more intelligent species.

Or maybe intelligent species wouldn't be so stupid in the first place? Maybe they would eat apples and bananas from trees, since there are foods available which don't bleed and die when they are picked.

But Fruits have Feelings Too?

For those morons who argue that fruits do bleed and do have feelings when you cut them, I ask you to consider this: does a waterfall bleed and have pain, just because the water happens to be flowing? Surely water is always bleeding when it is moving and splashing, since blood also splashes!

When one throws a rock on the ground, the rock is surely in pain? This is the argument that meat eaters use. Vegetables have feelings too, they say. That is of course a straw man argument, since when one eats a fruit off a tree, it does not kill the tree. In fact eating a fruit off a tree causes seeds to get caught inside your feces, and the feces fertilizes the fruit seeds to grow more trees.

Eating the fruit, actually is a form of sexual intercourse with the tree - you are helping it create more babies. For as long as the meat eaters make idiotic and moronic statements such as fruits and veggies having "feelings too", I can make similar idiotic statements such as myself having sexual intercourse with trees when I eat the fruit and seeds! Do you see how the logic of a meat eater is flawed?

Protein Quality Excuses

Maybe smart humans eat eggs, whey, and cheese for high quality protein if they must have animal products. Maybe some choose peanut butter, wasabi peas, and nuts. Soy is not the only solution, folks. In fact I don't eat soy as it bothers me - and lots of other people.

It is a myth that meat is higher quality protein than the alternatives out there. Eggs and whey protein have a BV of 100-150, whereas meat only has a BV of about 70-85. The "biological value" or BV represents the quality of the protein.

One does not have to be a true vegan who only eats vegetable products. Realists make compromises. If one must have eggs and whey, then fine. We shall not try and push extreme-isms on people like "I only talk to people who are 100 percent vegan". Rather the world is full of compromises. There are solutions out there other than deathly meat - even if it means "milking the cows poor breasts". That's better than killing the cow and having to clean up all the blood after.

It's not just the death of the cow, but the whole gory cleanup process and wasted fuel shipping the meat, refridgerating the meat, making sure it doesn't spoil, vacuuming up the blood and guts, hiring people to run the chain saw machine that cuts the animals head off, etc. It's the whole "wasted energy even when there are obvious alternatives" that we need to consider.

Unfortunately, many of us have to eat animal protein and meat because beans causes obnoxious bloating and cramps all day long, along with tremendous flatulence. Lab generated petri dish meat may solve this problem as no animal is used, no soya is used, real meat is cloned in labs. Real meat! But no harm done. Look it up, it's been invented. Gross? maybe not as gross as cutting the head off a pig which is just as intelligent as dogs, by the way. You kill your pigs, so why not your dogs? hypocrite. Be a man kill some animals! Uhm, that's being a moron. Not a man.

Children Eat Meat

Young minds. Maybe adults would stop teaching their children how to be idiots? Children are given packaged meat in their lunches at schools, and children think nothing of this. We have to grab their minds at a young age.

Children are taught at christmas and thanksgiving that "meat is to be killed" and given thanks for. Huh? What that means?

Just as humans try to teach their dogs and cats how not to be idiots, we should be teaching kids too. No sparky, you can't pee on the hydrant today. No John, you can't murder a bull today and suck on its wife's tit.

The Day

When will humans become pets of another species? When will humans be farmed? I can't wait for the day.

It's perfectly okay for us at the top of the food chain to kill cows and think nothing of it.. but when a more intelligent species evolves on this earth and starts to eat us, that is not okay. Hypocrisy?


I see nothing wrong with a human having its tits used and squeezed for milk, along with having its head cut off so that arms and legs can be served at buffets. Oh did my sarcasm skills just improve once again. My golly.

It would be especially a nice thing to do on thanksgiving and christmas - where we give thanks and praise the lord for all of it. Cranberry sauce is included at no extra charge at our buffet.

Pickled Fetus, anyone?

You will be able to buy dicks, tits, necks, legs, nutsacks, arms, tails, and anuses in packages. Nicely sealed plastic packages that say something like 'support your alberta humans!' on the front of them.

Or you could just eat apples. Depending on your intelligence.

Spoiled Society

In case you hadn't figured it out yet, I think people who eat lots of meat are spoiled brats who would never eat meat if they themselves had to process and prepare it. Since it comes in nice packages for them, they treat it just like fruit and pretend that it is okay... and pretend that none of the above (in the photos) ever happens. I mean anyone who cooks a turkey/chicken on Thanksgiving or Christmas couldn't possibly remember that the chicken had its head cut off.. chickens don't have heads, remember? They are just magically picked off trees and brought to your local store in a Lamborghini Countach for you.

People are spoiled little brats driving their SUV's around purchasing plastic packages of arms and legs. Grocery stores, gasoline, and engines all make it easy for us to be spoiled little brats.

No one ever has to cut the head off an animal oneself - it's all done by some lunatic with a big sharp saw blade on a farm where blood and guts are disposed of who knows where. I wish everyone had to hunt their own meat - then they would understand why it is the most inefficient, gory, ridiculous, and unnecessary thing to do.

I'm Going To Eat You

That white cooked meat in a chicken burger.. wouldn't it be nice if that was your own girlfriend's tit fried at 350 degrees? The species above us will surely find it tasty. Better yet.. body builders and power lifters have meaty tits with less fat in them. Going to the Gym or Fitness club has a whole new meaning for me.

And don't you dare cry when I shoot your dog and eat it. I'm higher up in the food chain than your dog and I have every right to put your dog in my mouth.

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