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Communism People Are Not Equal

People have different talents and abilities. Let those people with stronger abilities help those who have weaker abilities. Let people with strong abilities in one area, and weak abilities in other areas, combine forces.

Capitalism does not solve the "people are not equal" issue, because it lets talented people suffer. Businesses spend most of their time showing stock performance data sheets and gathering "investors" with virtual money. The hardest working folks get paid minimum wage.

These hard working folks may be very mechanically intelligent - someone who knows what type of solder to use or what insulation to choose, or someone who knows exactly how to sew those Nike shoes gets paid much less money than the guy who organizes the financial data and stock reports. A person with strong mechanical or hard working capabilities (such as sewing 1000 shirts a day, fixing and installing pipes, delivering news papers, constructing Nike shoes) but weak accounting capabilities suffers greatly in a capitalist society. Don't tell us that there are accountants out there to help those that are mechanically clever but lack accounting skills. That's not the point. A guy who sews Nike shoes in a sweat shop does not magically solve his problems when he phones up an accountant.

I'm not saying that mechanically clever people are bad at accounting - I'm just giving an example of a case where getting the actual work done pays less than analyzing the work that was done.

This is obviously due to a capitalist society basing itself on accounting. Accounting is capitalism. They are two of the same. Anyone who lives in a capitalist society that says they hate taxes, or they hate accounting, or they hate manager-speak and companies that always attend to their shareholders before their customers is missing the point of capitalism. Tax, accounting, and shareholders are what makes up a capitalist society. Capital is tax, accounting, and shareholders. The hard work that is done isn't really a major part of the capitalist society - since most of the hard work is outsourced at minimum wage or less in other countries that aren't even capitalist.

Communism does not solve the equality issue since people are most definitely not equal. We all have different abilities and are born with different genetics. If a true communist society existed, there would be no male and female, there would be no dog breeds or species (all species would be exactly the same boring dull things.. i.e. society would be a bunch of perfectly round calcium rocks on the moon and nothing else). There would be no tall people or short people, and there would be no sports: all teams would default to a tie and we would never play hockey or soccer because the game was already over.

The author of this page received an unbelievable 99 percent final grade in the first school accounting course he took. This page is therefore not a biased view or a revenge attempt. It isn't as if I hate accounting because I did bad in school and want to get back at it. Quite the opposite. The author believes that the 99 percent final grade he received in his first course, was due to Pargence. It is possible to be intelligent on a subject that is ridiculous. It is possible to be intelligent on a subject that is detrimental. It is possible to benefit in the short term, from a subject that is detrimental. I knew that if I was good at accounting, I could politely shove it up a tree and transfer my skills over to something more productive instead.

The insightful solution is not equality, not communism, and not capitalism. The insightful life is not described in a capitalism vs communism textbook. What is the most intelligent and insightful decision, or the decision that appears in the longest and shortest run to be the most successful and productive? What is the most insightful solution, even if this insightful solution is not focusing primarily on capital, and this insightful solution is not focusing primarily on equality? What is the most insightful solution, even if not equal, even if not capital?

Some humans who see communism as a ridiculous idea then trot right over to capitalism. Some who see capitalism as a ridiculous idea trot over to communism, thinking that problems will be solved. But maybe there was something else. They draw a line from left to right and figure that it is as simple as picking one side. Some pick somewhere in the middle, without considering that maybe they are "outside of the bounds" and no where on the line.

Put an X across that rightwing leftwing political blackboard line you saw in grade school. You may have heard the phrase "think outside the box". In your next encounter, think outside the line.

The entire society is not and should not be based on accounting only. That is what capitalism is. It is one big scheme of accounting - with most of thee hard work outsourced to sweat shops in communist countries, and some of the work outsourced locally at minimum wage paying jobs.

Capitalism is communism, because capitalism relies on communist sweat shops in order to survive. The two societies rely on each other heavily - capitalist societies take the goods and materials from the communist societies, and the communist societies take the money from the capitalist society and distribute it to their over-populated mass of people. If capitalist societies are so against communism, then why do they rely on communist countries to provide the majority of their goods to them?

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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