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City Power From Your Lawn And Home

I predict future City power will be generated from your home. Each home in the city will send power back to several power stations situated throughout the city.

Each home will donate power to the city and get a refund or a payment for the power they contribute.

Power sources from our home sent back to the city are:

  • grass and leaves, bagged up and picked up by the city, then fermented to make alcohol. Our lawn mowers will also be powered by alcohol and electricity instead of gas.

  • small windmills on our lawns and rooves, and acreages/farms. Cows can walk around windmills, you know?

  • solar panels

  • Weight lifting machines that are connected to power generation, instead of heavy weights. Why bench press 400 pounds when you could bench press power?

  • Exercise bikes - connected to a power source instead of wasteful energy.
The grass which lawn mowers cut will eventually be fermented and recycled back into to power.

Although an exercise bike will not generate much power, several thousands of households that use exercise bikes can generate a lot of power together as one. A windmill, plus a solar panel, plus a exercise bike, plus grass clippings and leaves, plus other small sources of electricity in each house hold all add up to a large contribution of power back to the city.

Stations will be situated every few 10-100 kilometers which take all the incoming power from households and do something useful with it, such as distribute it evenly and recharge batteries, power generators, etc.

A back up power source will always exist. Windmills, solar panels, alcohol from fermented grass clippings, and other alternative power sources can be backed by oil/gas generators when the alternative power sources are not enough for the entire city to run on.

Many people who live in the city travel to work each day with their houses using very little electricity. The home that they leave behind when they go to work is existing infrastructure and land that could be used to generate electricity. Couldn't this 8 hour day at the house be used to trap free power, from the sun, and wind?

Couldn't all our grass clippings and leaves be picked up by the garbage truck, and then fermented for alcohol?

These suggestions for power contribution are for more efficient than

  • digging for oil
  • having dedicated land that windmills are situated on. No need for dedicated land! Use existing infrastructure! (if windmill noise can be reduced enough)
  • having dedicated land that solar panels are situated on. No need for dedicated solar panel land! Use existing infrastructure! Farms, acreages, city properties, houses.
Much of our back yard and our roofs are never used. It's free land.

Why do so many people waste energy riding exercise bikes and using resistance weight lifting? To get in shape. Take that one step further - get in shape while also getting paid. Get a rebate. A small rebate, but if all the weight lifters in the world get together and convert their dumbbells into power generation machines, that is a lot of kilowatts. Same goes for exercise bikes.

Gyms can be converted into power generating stations. Although it seems inefficient for humans themselves to generate power, the reality is that weight lifting and exercise bikes are already being used by millions of people. It is existing infrastructure. It is existing activity that can be turned into a power gold mine.

Even more interesting is the amount of grass clippings and leaves that we continually throw away and have shipped away to the dump. In Brazil they use sugar to make alcohol - in some countries we do not have as much sugar or the right climates for sugar to grow. But we always have wind, sun, and grass. Almost all countries have grass which cows have been eating to power themselves for years. Now is time to turn that grass into electrical power and alcohol power.

I urge power companies to consider these power sources for the future and today. I can guarantee that at least 3 of the ideas listed on this page will definitely be used in the future for generating power - or at least something along these lines.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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