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Case Sensitivity is Annoying

Debian Example
You apt-get something called xf86setup, but then when you try and run the program it won't work. You try to run x and it won't work. This is just annoying. Sometimes it is 'X' sometimes it is 'x'.
It's not as if people NEED case sensitive variables or programs or directories. Does anyone actually differentiate between MyDirectory and Mydirectory? People create directories with different NAMES not different case sensitivities. There is no advantage therefore, of using case sensitive directories or variables.
I'm all for consistent naming of directories, and I think Windows is silly for changing some directories "case" to whatever it thinks is appropriate (it does this sometimes). However, we should not enforce case sensitivity when running a command at the command line.. this is not good for system administrators who get fed up of debugging a problem just because of a case issue.
Then there are the IDIOTS that create two setup programs in the same directory. One called 'Setup' and the other called 'setup'. One 'Readme' that is a linux virus and one 'readme' that is the actual readme file (without any extension too).
If people found a good USE for case sensitive directories and variables, that would be different. But the fact is: there is no use as HUMANS who do not differentiate such case differences as Some-name and Some-Name or X11 and x11. No one wants to create myDirectory, myDiRectory with all different meanings. People stick to single separately NAMED directories.
Running xf86setup and getting an error is extremely annoying. Trying xf86Setup doesn't work either.. hmm maybe XF86Setup will work. But all that, just to get the stupid program started? And a self-confidence thrash to yourself too.
Humans have no time for case sensitive directories or variables. We do have time for case senstive strings ('John Doe went to Superfoods.') but NO TIME for case sensitive directories and files. Please stop the insanity!

As for consistency? I agree with consistent file naming standards and consistent coding standards. People should be smart enough to name things consistently. If they aren't smart enough, then they are using case sensitivity as their crutch. They can't be neat by themselves, they have to have the case sensitivity help them since they are wussies.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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