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Capitalism When To Draw the Line

Capitalism (and other political systems) force people to think about when to draw the line (and ridiculous lines, opposed to reasonable ones). Instead of making an intelligent decision, the person living in a capitalist society delays response, and considers all sorts of virtual factors.
Real world example:

Take for example a hurricane that hits an entire state or region in the United States. i.e. Hurricane Katrina, or others.

A business owner in Florida or Texas has a large hotel or a large empty apartment building to offer. The business owner thinks to himself "Wow, this is profit time. I live in a capitalist society. If I have 500 people come to me, that's 500 people times about $50 per night."

The intelligent person living in a non-political, non capitalist society thinks to himself "Wow, this is time for me to save lives, I've got an empty building here and I can help 500 people".

The intelligent decision maker does not sit around drawing the line over virtual matters. What are the virtual matters? The virtual matters are: profits, income, economics, accounting, price per person, price per night, tax on sale, discount on sale.

The intelligent society does not consider "how much do I have to discount my price so that these people will still come here and not leave. How many discounts do I have to give. Should I just offer the hotel to people with cash and not offer it to debit card holders? Credit cards, cheques?". In the mean time while the capitalist is considering his schemes of payment and other virtual matters, people are dying.

All the above non-intelligent questions the capitalist person considers, do not affect or help the people immediately in any way. They are all virtual and non-relevant factors in considering the problem at hand: people that need a place to stay, intelligent friends that need help from an intelligent building owner.

Instead of just "doing it", the capitalist person sits around counting his stocks, watching his discounts, shuffling his papers, managing his shareholder meetings, etc. Instead of just doing the intelligent thing (it), the capitalist society wastes thought and wastes time over virtual matter.

This is similar to public domain software development versus closed private software: instead of just "doing it" and getting the program out and about, "private" and "licensed" and "protected" software project participants waste time collecting useless information about the project. Wasting time collecting information about how the net profits and the net discounts for YearA or YearZ or YearB are going to affect the 500 people dying in the hurricane. Instead of just sending an e-mail out and requesting that an error in software be corrected, people sit around at share holder meetings counting their stocks, counting their software programmers which wear ties versus ones who wear jeans, worrying about 8am-5pm hours, going home at 5pm instead of just staying around and enjoying "work", worrying about stock success and margins, worry about funding from investors who don't even have a clue about what product they are buying into, etc.

People need to "do the intelligent thing" , and skip the virtual non-relevant, non-immediate factors that the ridiculous capitalist society demonstrates. Draw the line at intelligence: capitalism is missing a lot of it.

No wonder there are looters and crime in emergency situations like Katrina. Look what kind of society they are brought up in - a capitalist society, where material and virtual matters come before relevant matters, many times.

ABC Corporation:
We've got a systems server here run by a project-administrator lead manager at the management solutions section of the incorporated trademarked company. Our head lead CEO just found out that 500 people are dying. The head CEO realized that his systems server and his head CEO title had no effect in helping the 500 people. And neither did the accounting or percentage of profit margin of his systems server integration solution manager."
Virtual matters and virtual talk are dominant in capitalist societies. They are both non-intelligent and non-relevant matters when it comes to the bottom line: people. Next thing you know we'll have people selling highly over-hyped ebooks about how to survive the hurricane- For ONLY 5 low payments of $49 (even if your wallet and your house just got flooded).
Note: this page is not recommending socialism, capitalism, communism, or fascism. This page is trying to bring out intelligence and insight as a way of life, instead of politics and economy.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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