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Capitalism Charge a Friend Lose a Friend

Two cyclists take the same route and have seen each other before. They do not leave home at the same time always, and are from different parts of the same town. This time, they stop at a traffic light together finally meeting each other.

Cyclist1 says "hello..". The other Cyclist2 replies "hi! ...I've seen you on the road before haven't I?".

Cyclist1 says "Yes, I thought it was you that I saw too."

Cyclist2 says "My wife runs the SuperFood grocery store in town, she says she thinks see saw you there a few times too".

Cyclist1 says "Yes, my favorite place to pick up fruit and all my general household goods.".

Cyclist2 says "I'll tell her it is you, you've given us good business for a few years now. So what sort of pedals do you use there? I'm having a bit of ankle trouble with my current pedals."

Cyclist1 says "Well come to my office some time, I charge $50/hour for consulting. I can sell you several e-books which outline some of the problems with pedals."

Cyclist2 says "While we're right here, why don't you just give me a tip for now?"

Cyclist1 says "Well I don't see why it's any different to charge a consulting fee, you seem to think its okay to charge me for groceries."

The stop light has been green and red several times while the two were talking. The two cyclists ride off angry at each other in different directions, one going through a red light and the other passing through green.

Both confused about their conversation, the two cyclists ride hard and push their heart rate up, even though both stressed out with cortisone and lactic acid running through their bloodstream. On the way home, they both think about the conversation, and don't harp on the fact that the talk they had could lead to a loss of friendship, but they both are afraid it will turn out as so.

Both cyclists go through self-questioning several times. They both think to themselves that something is wrong with the situation, but they just can't put their finger on it. Each cyclist questions how they are going to resolve the problem, but they don't seem to be able to answer their questions during the ride home. Each cyclist doesn't feel he is more right than the other, but yet they are still angry about the situation. While self questioning and thinking about the entire situation, they realize how much time they are wasting over such a minor issue. Yet there seems to be no other option, other than to continue thinking about it.

When the two cyclists get home, Cyclist2 decides he will visit Cyclist1's consulting office. Cyclist1 decides he will continue going to the grocery store. Both Cyclists feel something wrong. They both feel that although they have made a decision, that the decision still feels awkward.

This is capitalism (and seen in other systems too, not just capitalism). One business eventually collides with another, even between friends. When friends stop charging friends for services and goods, it means that businesses must only be selling to enemies. Is a capitalist society profiting only off business from enemies? Or do some friends slip through and still charge and restrict their friends for services and goods?

Of course the answer is some friends do slip through, but it feels extremely awkward. This awkwardness leads to more anti-friendship and selfishness throughout society. This leads to people forgetting to look over the fence and talk to their neighbor. Why should you talk to a neighbor without charging an hourly psychologist fee? Who is your neighbor to talk to you! This leads to people feeling uncomfortable when trying to make new friends (creating anti-social behavior) since really we should be charging everyone for everything in a capitalist society. With bills to pay, why should we let anyone, including friends, take anything for free?

The problem seen in the above situation is a problem with the system that they live in. Each human may want to and wish to help another human being, but cannot do so easily because of non-resolvable complications and restrictions in place

Capitalism: charge a friend and lose a friend - or end up with zero dollars in the end after you pay him and he pays you. Joyfully starve to death since you did not take any gains from your friends; unless you have enemies to bill.

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