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CVS and SVN Version Control Systems

"Subversion was written by some of the primary authors of CVS."
Troubles migrating to CVS? Afraid of changes?
You've seen this before. People are afraid to change.. unless there is good reason to. A website or something similar goes through major changes, and people get all antsy. But after a while they may say "oh it's good we did that, no doubts there".
Hopefully SVN will offer more benifits and more tools will be available promptly.
Actually the ideas of CVS and SVN are pretty interesting.. One could use these ideas not just in source code and programming arenas, but other areas too. Downloading a website for example, or a website directory, or an online dictionary, is extremely wasteful when it comes to bandwidth (if you visit it more than once).

If a website visitor could only download the changed portion of the web page, bandwidth savings would be numerous. Not just bandwidth, but user experience, cpu speed, memory savings, server savings. Why waste the bandwidth every time you want to visit a previously visited website, and there are only a few changes to the text?

Other areas where this "diff" technology could be used is search engines and databases. Updating the database with only the changes that you need is probably already implemented, but not to say it can't be improved or that it can't be implemented in more areas of the whole database. Search engines could use this technology to save mounds of bandwidth and hard drive space.

Think outside of the box. Don't be blind. Don't use "diffing" just for source code versioning. Think of other areas which it could be used. --L505

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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