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CPanel Forward Spam To fail

If you set up a cpanel CatchAll, one way to stop spammers from abusing your catchall is to set up a fail directive in a forwarder. Setting up the :fail: inside a cpanel filter will not work. You first have to create an account such as xyz@domain.com and then make a forwarder for xyz@domain.com. When you add a forwarder, use :fail: as the destination.

Using :fail: as the default address works to block all catchall emails.. but if you want to utilize catchall and make a :fail" blacklist so to speak, then you should build accounts up one by one and then forward them to fail.

For example if you have a catchall setup on yourdomain.com and you keep getting spam at the address forumemail@yourdomain.com then you create a forumemail@domain.com account in your cpanel area and then add a :fail: forwarder to this address. This helps for example if you signed up at some web page forum for example.. and you entered the name of the forum in your email address, since you have a catchall and you can create emails just by typing in anything you want. If the address managed to be eaten by robots and now you are getting spammed with it, or if someone leaked the address to the spammers, then you can block all mail to that one address even though you have a catchall account.


Using :fail: as a filter will not work for a CPanel "add filter" page, but it will work for the "add forwarder" page!

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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