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C Sharp Promotes Pascal Not C

The C Sharp Language is to the Pascal programmers advantage. A big mistake was made during the creation of C Sharp.
The big mistake made was that everything about the C sharp language is inherited from pascal. Microsoft employees and programmers always refer to the "PascalCase" that C sharp uses, and etc.
Great! This means they are shooting themselves in the feet. Pascal is being advertised all over the place. The lunatics who program in C sharp might even come to realize that everything about their language is Pascal, so why not use Pascal? In fact, the only disadvantages of C# are the "C" aspects of it, and the "Java" aspects of it.

The disadvantages of the C# language make Pascal look great. Everything that is "Java" and "C" about C# makes Pascal look like an even better choice. Maybe some time people will get a clue. Of course, some people are microsoft slaves, and will not be affected by this ludicrous mistake made by Microsoft. Some of these people wouldn't wear a seatbelt in their vehicle if microsoft told them not to, even if the Police recommended them to wear one. So it won't go through some skulls.

When Microsoft hired the Borland Delphi inventor and allowed him to take control of C# they really did make a big mistake. At least brainwash the poor fellow first, into "C" style thinking. Then again, even the Windows API uses PascalCase, which was way before C#. Microsoft has a long history of using PascalCase. I guess when they lost the QuickPascal product to Borland TurboPascal, they took some of it with them and dropped it into ugly old C and C#.
Notes and points about the C# programming language and Microsoft slaves:

C# has some advantages and ideas stolen from Pascal, and many disadvantages stolen from Java. Better to just stick with Pascal.

The guys at Borland apparantly love money. That's the only thing that could draw them to Microsoft. What's J++ Builder got to do with Visual studio, Blake Stone? What's C got to do with Pascal, Anders H.?

Answer: Money. To sink so low.

Subject: C Sharp vs Pascal, Pascal vs C Sharp, Pascal vs C#, C# vs Pascal, Microsoft C Sharp, Microsoft C#, Microsoft DotNet, Microsoft Dot Net, Microsoft .NET.
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