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Believing Your Own BullShit

Acronym: BYOBS

If you see demonstrations or evidence of someone believing their own bullshit, please use the BYOBS acronym. It can be used in mailing lists, newsgroups, web forums, etc.

Example 1:
Some python programmers start cutting down languages like Pascal and C because begin, end, and curly braces are redundant to them. They consider all languages with begin, end and curly braces terrible, because of all the problems they cause while editing. They say that begin, end, and curly braces cause all sorts of issues in their editors.

5 seconds later they start arguing and discussing how many tabs/spaces should be used in Python. And discussing how tabs and spaces cause so many problems in their editors. And discussing how Guido, the God of Python, is so out of his mind.

116 messages on the subject. They don't take note or take any caution about the fact that they were just complaining about editor problems with other languages, while here they are 5 seconds later, knocking down their own language.

Is this not proof, that in many cases, people are blinded by their own light? i.e. believing their own bull shit?

Usenet/Google Groups Python Discussion

Then there is the real bright guy, who says that tabs should be fixed permanently at 8 spaces, and that it causes him no trouble when indenting his code. And some of us feel that guy also thinks we should go back to using typewriters instead of using computers. Maybe when having a discussion about bondage and discipline languages (i.e. in the Jargon File, by Eric S Raymond, an avid Python programmer) people should mention Python instead of Pascal. Their case sensitive TAB sensitive languages sure seem to encourage bondage and discipline editing laws (that no one can agree on).

Example 2:

Open Source Service Scared Him

Example 3:

When people start using buzzwords and actually believing in the double speak and lies that they are pushing. They try and hide behind their lies by wrapping it into big meaningless phrases and terminology.

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