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Apple CEO Dropped Out and Dropped In

| PALO ALTO, California -- Steve Jobs told Stanford University graduates Sunday
| that dropping out of college was one of the best decisions he ever made because
| it forced him to be innovative -- even when it came to finding enough money
| for dinner.
| In an unusually candid commencement speech, Apple Computer's CEO also told the
| almost 5,000 graduates that his bout with a rare form of pancreatic cancer
| reemphasized the need to live each day to the fullest.
| "Your time is limited so don't let it be wasted living someone else's life,"
| Jobs said to a packed stadium of graduates, alumni and family.
| Jobs, wearing sandals and jeans under his robe, was treated like a rock star by
| the students, in large part due to the surge in popularity of Apple's iPod
| digital music player.
| A group of students wore iPod mini costumes over their robes and several
| shouted, "Steve, hire me!"
| Jobs, 50, said he attended Reed College in Portland, Oregon but dropped out
| after only eight months because it was too expensive for his working-class
| family. He said his real education started when he "dropped in" on whatever
| classes interested him -- including calligraphy.
Source: Steve Jobs Article, Dropping in and out

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