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This is a humorous page about the mentally retarded freepascal community who has as many social problems as the Lisp community. Although the FPC community is at times completely mentally retarded, I still love them and still will always support, promote, and recommend FPC.
Warning: If you act like an asswipe or an idiot, or if you show signs of mental retarding, expect to be caught and spanked by Lars.. I will take screenshots and ridicule you on my high traffic website. Treat others how you wish to be treated.
I often get told to post my messages to 'fpc-other' because my posts are claimed 99 percent of the time to be 'completely off topic rubbish'. In fact many of my posts are 100 percent on topic and relating to pascal. Then there are the times where I come and offer all my source code units for free to be part of the FPC RTL. There are many people complaining that for example Powtils and CompactSysutils and many other third part units out there are not part of FPC or are not mentioned of FPC website.

When I offer my units to the devel team without any flame or without any argument involved (simply a polite gesture) I get told to basically f**k off by Marco along with lots of arguments from the other devel members.. yet there is really no argument.. I come and offer the source units and am ready to discuss/patch the units whatever way I can. i.e. just a discussion, no argument implied. Then eventually the conversation ends or gets hidden on core mailing list or somewhere else in the middle of thin air.. no explanation or no acceptance status or no directions for me to continue and proceed with my gift offering.

I offer a ready to use unit and am flamed.. No argument here.. just come on the mailing list to offer source code and discuss how to contribute my hard spent time to the freepascal project.

Of course naive persons think that everyone must roll their own everything.. which defeats the purpose of the freepascal compiler because everyone can roll their own compiler each time.. and even if a compiler is available already that someone has written, then no point in using that compiler since we must roll our own. So no point in using an existing unit either since all units are useless - they must be something that everyone rolls on their own, even if they are offered.

Some folks were yapping about Open Office being better because it is standardized... so ironically I thought.. hmm.. but freepascal isn't standardized. So I take the message to FPC-OTHER with fear of being told off by Jonas the list moderator who is very sensitive about anything that is not one hundred percent pascal related.

Oh, but pascal was new at the time its standard was implemented too. All standards that are implemented at the time are new standards outlining new languages. Yes, when pascal was standardized in the 1970's, it was a new language.. just like open office standard is a new standard now. In year 2030 people might start arguing about how open office standard is horrible because it's a 2007 standard that was thought up by some idiots back in 2007, just how standard pascal was thought up by some idiots back in 1970. And the open office standard must be improved with time just as freepascal is improved.. and there is nothing stopping current modern pascal from being standardized in 2007... just like open office. The two situations are exactly similar in fact.

Of course naive persons see the situation magically different: modern Pascal not being standard is magically different than INI files or word files not being standard and magically different from microsoft stuff not being standard. Pascal is an exception.. everything else.. HA! must be a standard. But pascal? Oh that's an exception.. that's completely different! Completely different! Take this post off topic because that has NOTHING to do with pascal! Get off our mailing list you outcast! Stop talking nonsense! Pascal is great as a non-standard non-compliant language! Open office.. Ha! Has to be standard. Or it is junk!

The folks that advocate standardized XML, standardized openoffice, standardized unix posix, standardized this, standardized that for everything, are the same ones pushing the non-standard freepascal language with non-standard fpc.cfg files and a non-standard fpmake build system, along with non-xml TeX docs that aren't all xml.

I ask for help with a PCRE header unit someone offered a zip file link to.. I can't get the URL to work as it gives me a 404 or some error.

Someone named Marco The Barko starts the flame off with 'dumb' insult.. I get told to go to fpc-other later on. Of course all I was asking was for an existing PCRE header file that was at the URL in a zip file. The zip file link was broken. I couldn't get the URL working and wondered if someone had another zip file.

Instead I'm flamed with something like 'dumb bloody idiot don't download anything just rewrite the damn unit yourself you lazy dumb little fart, and I'll friggin do it if you don't right now you little arse whipe, and stay the hell away from us because we are socially inept and we don't like no bloody people on this mailing list offering help and asking questions.. and get the bloody frigging hell off this bloody friggin list now because I'll come and bite you with my teeth if you don't, and the idea you gave was bloody dumb you little bloody retard. Best Regards, Marco Van Barko'.

Yep everyone is to 'roll their own' with freepascal.. roll your own system units and never reuse them, roll your own header files and never reuse them, roll your own sysutils and never offer these special custom system/sysutils units to the public.. because everyone rolls their own.. and no need for FPC because FPC is just a silly compiler that anyone could have written themselves.. roll your own! Why use fpc.. real programmers will roll their own.. and no one needs existing frameworks or header translations.. roll your own! You dumb retard!

Methinks the FPC team needs to take some school lessons on socialization and human interaction before brown-talking to one of their biggest supporters and promoters.. one of the only fpc consulting companies and large third party fpc based websites out out there promoting fpc as a professional non-hobby compiler. The FPC team sure has their social contacts wrong.

Daniel M. writes something very true:
Yep and fpc better get its social contacts right or its pretty much a flush down the toilet, full of arrogant antisocial jerks running the mailing lists.

But of course, fpc is just a hobby and not anything more.. just a hobby. Yet another social problem in the fpc community.. just a hobby attitude gets you no where. GCC is not just a hobby nor is Ada GNAT, nor is Delphi. Just a hobby ain't enough.

What to do?

This is what encourages me to develop more software! Arrogant idiots will run their little tiny cute freepascal website while Z505 will become a monster containing better software, better documentation, better tips, better wikis (written in freepascal instead of PHP), better forums, better people, friendlier people, better downloads, better repositories, better content, etc.

This can lead to other large websites being built like mine too. Other people that get fed up should simply unsubscribe from the freepascal mailing lists and start doing coding instead of yapping. A lot of the fpc team yaps on the mailing list and yaps away on IRC instead of doing work.

Instead of one single nationalistic gigantic fpc wiki where all the fpc nazis live and contribute to one single website for one single pascal fanboy purpose, we should have some good third party gigantic websites pumping out more and more content. For example without torry.net and delphibasics.co.uk and delphi3000, borland delphi would not be as successful as it was.

Separate mailing lists and websites and alternatives are available.. it fragments the community more, but sometimes you need to split up into different groups in these situations. For example I'm glad I write all my content on my own domain name and glad that I don't waste my life away donating content to the fpc-wiki, because all my articles would be deleted by Marco and Jonas for being 'off topic dumb' and 'roll your own article and delete this one, it's no good for anything'. I'm also glad that Powtils didn't start off as part of the freepascal project because it probably would have ended up just another websnap crap flap.

Similar things happen in the Lisp communities with their social problems.. people make websites like this one, this other one, and many more, outlining the idiotic community problems.

Personally, as a list moderator and forum moderator for Powtils.. I'm quite open to conversation and I don't try and act like a complete asswipe or complete jerk when people come offer source code to the community with open arms and a warm heart. I guess they do it differently over their in Neverland and Germcountry, or wherever those people on the fpc-devel team live.

See also Clueless-Nationalism-For-FPC

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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