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Alberta the Filthy Whore

Alberta is above Montana... what do Montana and Alberta have in common? There was a cover up in Montana for many years - corporations didn't tell their workers that they were being exposed to Asbestos. Corporations didn't tell local folks that running in their neighborhood, or doing any sort of exercise would cause cancer - since there was asbestos in the area. Who would have thought going for a run would cause lung cancer? According to health guides exercise is supposed to be healthy.

Of course at the time corporations knew very well asbestos caused cancers - but they had their corporate agendas and their monthly sales of ores they were mining.

In Alberta, history repeats itself - but instead of asbestos, we have Oil and Uraniam. Corporations in Alberta are ignoring and basically putting aside cancer, because oil and mining is more important to corporations than human life and human race.

Chant it with me! Unlimited resources! Won't harm a thing! Sterilize those who disagree!

Alberta is being effed, and promises lots of money for being effed. What a wonderful whore, Alberta. Beautiful Wild Alberta Rose - killed by man and his SUV!

http://www.commondreams.org/headlines06/0522-05.htm http://mostlywater.org/why_is_cancer_sweeping_tiny_fort_chipewyan http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2006/03/10/oilsands-chipewyan060310.html

CBC has an article that uses the word "worrisome". Yes, some.. only some. Only "some". We should only worry "some" but since we sluts here in ol' alberta get "some" money from this industry I guess we shouldn't worry "some" at all. I mean what's the risk - pfff.


Alberta pharmacy stock and doctor salaries have risen in the past months, and more doctors and surgeons are flocking in to Alberta to tap into the cancer gold mine! Gotta be joking?


Alberta Cancer research has developed a drug that cures cancer so that Albertans can continue to eff up the Alberta environment more than ever! Instead of preventing damage to our bodies, we can now CURE THE DAMAGE after it has already been done! Good news for those near Fort McMurray. Gotta be joking?


Alberta Condom companies have developed a condom which can be placed over top trees to stop pollution in the air from affecting them! They've also come up with a special latex coat which humans can wear while going outdoors to protect them from cancerous gases and water in the nearby river that they swim in! Gotta be joking?


Alberta has reintroduced it's Eugenics Sexual Sterilization Act and plans to shoot disabled people with machine guns and cut testicles off any that are left living in November when it gets cold! Gotta be joking?


Z505 software is being paid $387/hour to construct the SQL database which powers the alberta Eugenics records. Oh, but they quit when they found out that 99 percent of Albertans needed to be sterilized and killed for being stupid idiots that work at Suncor, Shell, and Syncrude, and/or the uraniam plants RESPONSIBLE for the RARE unheard of cancer damage caused to hundreds of humans (someone is responsible, even if it isn't the oil companies they suspect other companies such as Uranium - you can't blame the effing fish or the trees, can you?). Gotta be joking?

Better safe then sorry

Seriously! Corporations, listen up. Stop, do research, then profit if it is safe. Don't profit and do research later! It's simple human common sense.

In fact in Montana it wasn't an issue of them profiting first and then doing research later - they already had done research and knew that asbestos was dangerous. Since they knew it was dangerous, they went ahead. What? idiots!

Could it be that in Alberta, the corporations already know that their oil and or uranium companies cause cancer? Don't these guys that work and manage the companies drive home each day, thinking they may get cancer one day when their only 25 or 40 years old?

Corporations are run by people - do these folks have any conscience? Or maybe they think life is too short - I mean you might as well get cancer if you are going to die anyway, right?

Justify the cancer! There's nothing wrong with death.

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