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Agree Strongly With These Folks About C and C

From USENET/NewsGroup postings...
Barry Kelly writes
> > My particular bone of contention with C & C++ is function pointer 
> > declarations. Pascal types are generally read from left to right, nice and 
> > simple. A pointer to an array of functions returning pointers to arrays of 
> > functions returning pointers, in OP, as short as possible (^array isn't 
> > allowed by compiler): 
> >
> > I never learned the proper order and syntax for function pointers or 
> > arrays in C, so I can't write an equivalent. Generally, though, complex C 
> > declarations have to be read backwards and inside out, especially when you 
> > get to C++ and the distinction between const pointer and pointer to const 
> > and const pointer to const... 
William Meyer writes:
> I used to remember the page number in K&R for the table of precedence, and 
> the place where it delineated the order of interpretation in unpacking the 
> sense of declarations. Some were L->R, others were R->L, and still others 
> bounced back and forth, from the inside out.

PasWiki agrees strongly with the above conclusions about the C and C++ language. I've written about this so many times on PasWiki and other places - glad to see others come to the same conclusion.

I hope Digital Mars (D Programming Language) considers this and will consider changing their syntax to be more sensible. Fortunately or unfortunately the D programming language looks to be a very powerful and strong language for the future - except for the fact that it still inherits certain stupidity from the C language, such as the above issues.

Note: This Wiki is outdated, personal views may have changed.

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